Compass Family Update

November 14, 2016

What's happening this week at Compass?

Monday, November 14th, 2016

Tuesday, November 15th, 2016

  • 9:30AM-10:20AM: Mark Morris Dance Show and Share in the Auditorium for Pine Class and Tulip Class
    6:00PM: Family Workshop: Zones of Regulation

Wednesday, November 9th, 2016

  • 8:20AM-9:00AM: Please join us in the gym for Community Gathering

Thursday, November 10th, 2016

  • Picture Day for the following classes: Oak (K), Maple (K), Tulip (3rd), Chestnut (3rd)
  • Second Grade (Pine and Elm Classes) Field Trip to the Salt Marsh Nature Center

Friday, November 11th, 2016

  • Picture Day for the following classes: Ginkgo (1st), Beech (1st), Pine (2nd), Elm (2nd)

November 21st-25th, 2016

  • No School for Students: Thanksgiving Break (School is closed for students next week. The teachers will be at school for professional development at the beginning of the week and then the building will be closed for the Thanksgiving Holiday.)


Dear Families,

As we head into the last week of school before Thanksgiving, we are full of thanks for many reasons.

  • Thank you all for trusting us with your children each day.
  • Thank you for joining us on this journey to create a school where all people are included, loved, and treated kindly.
  • Thank you for challenging us to continually reflect on and refine our practices. Your voices are an important part of the community here at Compass.
  • Thank you for giving your time, energy, and resources to the many initiatives, programs, fundraisers, field trips, etc. You support is not overlooked.

We are still in start up mode and have so many things we are working on, but the seeds of our vision have been planted and have been more evident than ever this past week. Children and adults have expressed their emotions freely and have been offered love, kindness, and support by others in the building. As we move ahead in the coming weeks and months, our focus is to continue to grow and do better. We will continue to focus on social emotional learning, culturally responsive practices, and creating a school culture of kindness and compassion.

Love and thanks,

Brooke, Michelle, and Todd

School Pictures This Week!

Reminder that Picture Day is this Thursday and Friday (class schedule below). There is more detailed information below. Some of the highlights are:

  • Children may wear clothing of their choice
  • The background is teal this year
  • Our volunteers will pull siblings so that they can also have a picture together.
  • We will send information about the different packages and costs in the next few weeks.
  • ***There are a few remaining volunteer slots to help Lucy and her team. Please take a look and sign up here. The volunteers have so much fun at picture day!

Thursday, November 17th - K and 3rd Grade Pictures

  • 8:30-9:45: Oak Class
  • 10-11:15: Maple
  • 11:30-12:45: Tulip Class
  • 1-2: Lunch
  • 2:15-3:45: Chestnut Class

Friday, November 18th - 1st and 2nd Grade Pictures

  • 8:30-9:45: Ginkgo Class
  • 10-11:15: Beech Class
  • 11:30-12:45: Pine Class
  • 1-2: Lunch
  • 2:15-3:45: Elm Class

***There are a few remaining volunteer slots to help Lucy and her team. Please take a look and sign up here.

Family Workshop on Tuesday

The next family workshop will be held in the community room on November 15th from 6:00PM-7:00PM. Dinner and babysitting will be provided! The workshop will focus on understanding Zones of Regulation, which is an evidenced based emotional regulation curriculum used across the school. The curriculum focuses on helping children identify what emotion they are experiencing, the zone it falls in, and then adaptively using coping skills to move in between the zones. All kids are learning to regulate their emotions, and this curriculum helps them learn to effectively use coping skills when experiencing overwhelming feelings to promote positive behaviors.

Holiday Gift Wrapping Fundraiser at Greenlight Bookstore on December 22nd, 2016

Each year, Greenlight Bookstore invites local schools and other nonprofit organizations to have volunteers wrap holiday gifts at the bookstore and collect tips on the busiest days during the holiday season. In addition to helping out the hardworking bookstore staff, this is a great opportunity for fundraising and awareness-raising for our school. Compass will receive money from tips from wrapping gifts and we will also receive a gift card with 20% of the total sales from the day.

Interested in helping? Here are some ways to help out:

  • We need two volunteers at a time (no more, no less) signed up during the giftwrapping times listed. Please sign up for a volunteer slot HERE.
  • We need one alternate volunteer for each time slot. This person will be on call in case one of the volunteers is unable to come at the last minute. Please sign up HERE to be an alternate.
  • If any volunteers are under 18, Greenlight requires that there be 1 adult and 1 child giftwrapping at a time.
  • Volunteers should plan to arrive about 10 minutes before their scheduled shift.
  • If you aren't interested in wrapping gifts and/or all of the volunteer slots are taken, please stop by Greenlight Bookstore to shop for books on the evening of December 22nd. 20% of the proceeds will go back to our school!

Community Closet

Please take a look at the info below about our Community Closet. The Community Closet is a free store that is available for families to use as needed. The closet will be open on Wednesdays beginning this week and is also open by appointment.

Square 1 Art Fundraiser

Most of our classes are participating in the Square 1 Art Fundraiser (all classes except the Tulip class). Please click HERE for more info about how to order items printed with your child's artwork. Catalogues will be coming home soon and all children in participating classes will receive a FREE sheet of stickers with their art printed on it. All orders will be shipped in time for the holidays. Please reach out to Rasha ( if you have questions.

Last Week of the Fall Farm Stand

This week will be the last week for the Compass Fall Farm Stand. Please keep an eye out for this week's Farm Stand Newsletter. We hope to see you this Wednesday from 11:00AM-1:00PM at our last stand of the season! Special thanks to Anna for leading our Farm Stand initiative. Also, thank you to Kirsten and all of the family and community volunteers who have helped to make the fall season as success!

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Important Information from the Ops Team

Lost And Found

We have a large collection of lost and found articles, including coats, sweaters, hats, water bottles etc. We have moved the Lost and Found bin to the area at the top of the "Compass" stairwell on the 4th floor. Please stop by and take a look to see if anything is familiar!

Reminder of Early Pick Up Procedures

We understand that there will be occasions that you need to pick your child up from school early. If you need to pick your child up from school earlier than 3:45 (or 12:45 on Wednesdays), you must first sign him/her out by coming to the Compass Main Office (Room 431). Main Office staff will give you a pass to give to your child's teachers. Teachers will not release children in their room without seeing this pass!

Needed: Help with Ikea Return

We need a family member with a car who is willing to make a run to Ikea to help us with a return. We are returning 9 small metal cabinets. They are not large (they can fit in a back seat), but they are heavy, so we are looking for someone able to do this heavy lifting. Please reach out to Laurie or Todd if you are able to do this. Thank you, in advance!

Food Services and Breakfast & Lunch Menus

Every year, the DoE asks us to ask our families to fill out the Food Services application even if you have no intention of using Food Services. 78% of Compass families have filled out the application -- we are still aiming for 100% completion!

Invoices for meals eaten in September and October are forthcoming in the next 2 weeks -- it is vital that we have your correct status to bill you correctly.

You can access the form here.

Click HERE to access the breakfast menu for November

Click HERE to access the lunch menu for November.

Updates from the Studios: Visual Art, Music, and Sustainability

Update from Suzanne (Visual Art)

Thank you to all the families and staff who began following the Compass Visual Art Instagram. (@compass_visualart) Please continue to check for images of students involved in the creative process!

Many of you have asked what types of donations are needed for visual art. All donations of any kind are welcome! I am currently starting to stock newspapers for covering tables as we begin to use more "messy" supplies . In addition, I would like to compile magazines for collages. Please drop donations by the studio at any time, or email me ( to arrange together.

With Gratitude,


Update from Kirsten (Sustainability)

This week Kirsten shares an update from the first grade study of Light Waves. Take a look at her newest blog post.

Update from Sara (Music)

Sara will share an update from one grade each week. This week, she is sharing a work sample from kindergarten. Please see the info and video below.

Kindergarteners have been exploring the night sky. Using the song about Aiken Drum, students used different tools in small groups to imagine what the face of the man on the moon might look like. Then, they shared with the class by reading the picture score that they had created.

We practiced helpful phrases in small group work, such as "I have an idea!" and "Let's try it!"

Maples do Aiken Drum

Our Healthy School Fund: November

If you have not already contributed to the Healthy School Fund for September and October, please do so as soon as possible. We ask that you contribute $30 per child per month. Directions for payment are listed below. Please let us know if you have questions. If you need support in making contributions to the Healthy School Fund, please let us know and we will do our best to support you.


Various ways you can make payments to Compass (for the Healthy Snack Fund, t-shirts, school lunches) include:

This Week's Morning Snack Menu

Our morning snack is delivered daily from Red Rabbit. Each class sits down to eat together sometime between 10-11AM. We also receive several individually packaged snacks for children with food allergies.
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2016-2017 School Year Calendar

The calendar for the 2016-2017 school year was emailed to families before the school year ended. This calendar can also be accessed on the public calendar on our website.

Click HERE to access our public Compass calendar.

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Compass Public Calendar

Feel free to reach out anytime with questions or to catch up. Our contact info is listed below.

Brooke Peters, Co-Director of Curriculum and Instruction

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718-310-3588, extension 504

Todd Sutler, Co-Director of Strategic Development

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