Ms. Meyer's

"Fin"Tastic Firsties


**Thank you for all those who were able to join us for Open House! I really enjoyed seeing the families of my students and getting a chance to chat with you!

**Ms. Bradford and I are setting up conferences with all parents. If we have not emailed you, please let me know so we can arrange a time to meet.

**Please remember that snacks should be a small individual snack and be of nutritional value. Your child may not eat dessert type snacks or fried chips in class. Students may not share their snack with any other student in class.

**Monday, Wednesday and Friday's are our PE days. Children should wear proper shoes on those days.

**Please drop off your children by 7:55. It takes them a few minutes to walk back to class (especially first grade! I sometimes feel like I'm in another time zone back there!) and we start instruction promptly at 8:00 am.


This week, we talked about coins and money. We discussed how we can recognize and identify the coins by their value, and the relationships among them. We made a U.S. Coin book and learned how to write the cent symbol to show the value of coins less than a dollar. We also learned a couple of strategies to count coins, including "hairy money!"

I encourage you to show your children coins at home and challenge them to list the attributes. Your child could do some chores to earn coins and learn the value of saving vs. spending.

We will be spending a few more days discussing coins next week and then we will be moving on to our length unit. Students will learn nonstandard units of measurement.

Work with your kids on writing their numbers the correct direction. I know this is something that kids struggle with (especially 3, 5, and 6).

Also, make sure that homework is completed and sent back the next day.


This week we finished up our unit on Seasons and then started our unit on Objects in the sky. We are studying the Moon, the sun, stars and our planet Earth. Next week, we will be learning how shadows change throughout the day, what causes day and night and how/why the moon changes!

Feel free to explore the Stemscopedia that was sent home for cool experiments and activities. These are yours to keep at home for a reference. I won't be taking a grade on it so go at your own pace.

Social Studies

Students will continue their learning of mapping skills and why it is important to be able to read a map. Students will learn how to use cardinal directions, a compass, and map keys when finding and describing locations of places on maps. They will also learn vocabulary such as longitude and longitude!

PTO Meeting

Tuesday, Oct. 21st, 6:30pm

2225 Kingsley Dr

Pearland, TX

Report cards go home

Friday, Oct. 24th, 3pm

2225 Kingsley Dr

Pearland, TX

Please sign the envelope and return to school. You may keep the report card at home.

Great Day of Reading

Friday, Oct. 31st, 8am-3pm

2225 Kingsley Dr

Pearland, TX

Great Day of Reading is fast approaching! First grade will be transformed into a fairy tale land in just a few short weeks! Students are encouraged to dress up as a character from one of the books we will be reading. The day will be spent travelling through first grade learning about fairy tales. The day will end with a tour of the other hallways to get a glimpse into their themes for the day.

First grade tends to go all out for special days like these, including decorating the hallway, doors and classrooms. We would love to have as much help as possible the week of so we can make the day magical! Please email me if you have not already expressed interest in helping.

Early Release Day

Wednesday, Nov. 5th, 12:15pm

2225 Kingsley Dr

Pearland, TX