Elements in a DVD PLAYER

(What it is Made Out of and More)

DVD Player's

DVD player's are electronic machines used to play discs that have either videos or audio stored on them. It was first made by Sony in 1994. They were beginning to sell in the U.S in 1997 for a hefty price of $1000, But by the end of 2003 they could easily be bought for $50. The DVD player has many outputs such as an RCA jack and HDMI output. There are many kinds of DVD players such as the portable ones and the kind that are found in family cars.

Components and Elements

DVD players have many unique kinds of components in them such plastics, metals, and more. We will be focusing on what makes up the components which are the elements.

Where to Find the Elements

Many of the Elements found in DVD players are found in the Earth's crust, as most of the elements were metals. Oxygen however is found above the Earth's crust. These elements can usually be found anywhere on earth since these elements are abundant, But some countries may have a larger quantity of a certain element than the other countries. Below will be a list of the elements found in a DVD player and where they are usually found.

Specific Element (Aluminum)

Physical Properties

Aluminum is a unique metal that can be distinguished from other metals with its characteristics. It is very malleable and that is the reason it is used as a foil. It is silvery white in colour and very shiny. It's density is 2.7g/ml, Aluminum is a lightweight metal, but it still sinks in water. despite, its weight it is actually a strong metal. It's melting point is 660 degrees C and it's boiling point is 2500 degrees C. Aluminum is a very popular metal to use as it is very cheap and conducts electricity well in electronic devices. It is also used a lot to make the chassis of phones and laptops as it looks very nice and is easy to hammer.

Chemical Properties

Aluminum is a very special as it doesn't rust. On the outside it layer it forms a thin layer of oxide when there is moist air which stops it from reacting to the oxygen. This helps it stop rusting from attacking air. Aluminum is a reactive metal as it reacts to many kind of halogens and acids. It can also react to high heat. If Aluminum powder is exposed to heat, it can burn from oxygen and a white powder will be formed. This reaction also causes a lot of heat to be produced.

Compounds and Reactions

Aluminum is a reactive metal, it reacts with many different halogens. It reacts with iodine, chlorine, and bromine. It then forms aluminium(III) iodide, AlI3,aluminium(III) chloride, and aluminium(III) bromide, AlBr3. As mentioned above, it can react with oxygen and heat which will cause a white powder. This is called Aluminum Oxide 2Al2O3(s)

Recycling DVD players

Many people don't care about the environment and just throw their old DVD players in the trash. This is very harmful for the environment as it can cause many metals to go to waste and pollute other countries. Fortunately, there are many stores that accept old electronics for recycling such as Best buy. They re-use it in a efficient way. A bonus for consumers is that many stores can give you discounts of in-store credit if you recycle certain electronics.

This way many people are encouraged to recycle and feel good about themselves.

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