How to Host a Class

Congratulations on scheduling your first class!

The following information can serve as a check list as you prepare to host your first Essential Oil class. You may not be teaching this class, but if any of your guests enroll, you will be their sponsor on our team. And if you decide to pursue your Wellness Advocate account as a business, you will be equipped to teach your own classes in the future. Of course, I'm always available for training and answering questions.

Handouts to print

All of these should be printed double-sided and in B+W, unless noted. Feel free to wait until you know how many guests will be at the class before you go printer happy, but it's nice to have extras on hand, too.
Sign in sheet

You'll only need one per class.

Enrollment Kits

These are the updated Enrollment Kits available as of October 1, 2014.

Wellness Advocate Agreement

This is the form new enrollees will need to fill out at the class. I will help you do the actual enrollment, but this is a great way to get all of their information.

Product Order Form

This is best used as a reference of retail vs. wholesale vs. PV, but also useful if anyone wants you to place a retail order for them. We can chat more about adding local retail orders onto your monthly LRP order.

Membership Basics

This visual explains how someone can use their wholesale membership -- standard order, monthly order, personal use only, business many options!


A list of resources to provide those who enroll.

Items to purchase

do a giveaway

This is completely optional, but fun for your guests! There are many ways you can structure a giveaway. Here are a few ideas:

  • Incentive for scheduling a class (i.e. Ask a friend to host a class with their friends to expand your network. Doing this may reveal a potential leader on your team.)
  • Smaller giveaway for all class attendees (i.e. sample bottle of peppermint, lavender, or lemon)
  • Incentive for enrolling within so many days of the class
  • Bigger raffle for enrollees within 3 days of class
  • Empower Kit (20 Living Magazines + 20 5mL Wild Orange)
  • Check out Pinterest or the doTERRA blog for DIY recipes!


Remember to set up your LRP template for 100 PV+ in order to receive commission from any classes you host. You will only receive compensation from new enrollments and retail orders if your LRP is set to 100PV or more when the enrollments and orders take place.

Another Planning Tool

doTERRA released this flyer at the 2014 Leadership Training. The ideas presented here may help you form your class, too.

Make it fun!

I so enjoy gathering friends together to talk about the way these essential oils have empowered us to naturally and safely care for people we love. There is fun to be had when like-minded people come together to learn about something new. You can structure your classes in whatever format you are most comfortable. If big classes with handouts aren't your thing, then gather 2-3 people for some coffee and just smell and talk about your oils. If you love hosting events, get inspiration for food and drinks to serve at the doTERRA blog! This is YOUR business now -- have fun with it!