Discuss several reasons children might become bullies.

Some children become bullies because they might be going through a lot at home and don’t feel good about themselves, thinking bullying will make them feel better. Maybe some even think it would be the “cool” thing to do in front of their friends. Bullies are sometimes the athletic and smart kids that you would least expect would be a bully. Parents don’t give kids the skills they need to be able to tolerate the differences of others so when somebody is different from them, they make fun of them.

What are some reasons children might be picked on?

Some kids might be picked on simply because they aren’t like the other kids. They might not have as much money as others, or wears a different style of clothes, or might not even hang out with the “cool” kids. That shouldn’t give anybody a reason to pick on somebody. We were all born differently, raised differently and are all around just different. We don’t all like the same music, movie or food, but that’s what makes us all different.

How can you tell who a bully is?

A bully is normally somebody whose life isn’t so great and the only thing that makes them feel good about themselves is picking on others. A bully can also be someone so cold-hearted and that doesn’t care about hurting other people.

What are three things a person can do to stop bullies? What is good about each of them? What are the drawbacks?

If you are the victim and you are getting bullied, speak strongly, tell them to stop. Don’t stand too close or too far away from the bully, make eye contact with the bully, and be calm. Don’t freak out or they will just keep doing it. Tell your parents or an adult and they can help you. Bullies tend to bully kids by themselves, so try to hang out with a group of people. Don’t fight back or the situation will only get worse. Maybe you can write down how you feel in a diary.

Who else could stop the bullying? What are some ways they can help?

Anybody can stop the bullying. Start a bullying prevention program at school. When you see somebody bullying others, tell them to stop. You might not just be doing that victim a favor, but everybody who has ever been bullied. Don’t be afraid to stand up for others. Go to an adult and report them for bullying, don’t let somebody call you a “tattle tale” because you are doing what you need to do. Get the victim away from the bully, tell them you’re sorry they did that to them and give them company.