FDA Rules and Regulations

By: Chloe Kern


The FDA does not regulate advertising for all drugs. They do not oversee the advertising of over-the-counter drugs. The FDA is not allowed to require that drug companies submit their advertisements for review. If an ad is in violation of the law, a letter will be sent to that company immediately asking for the removal of the ad.


The FDA requires that any prescription ad must tell the public at least one approved use of the drug, the generic name, and any risk that is being taken. However, medical jargon is used when explaining the risks and what the drug is used for. This makes it difficult for many people to understand leading them to not comprehend the very serious risks. There are approximately 200 warning letters sent each year for various reasons. Some of these reasons include unapproved internet advertisements for prescription drugs. This could be dangerous because they may not show all the warnings, meaning people could be mislead when buying these drugs.