Join us for an Hour of Code!

Computer Science Education Week December 8th-12th

Computer Science Education week is coming up soon. Students around the world will be celebrating this week by participating in the Hour of Code.

Students are given an hour (or in our case, maybe a 45 minute period) to learn computer coding through engaging websites that seem like games.

Here's how your students can participate:

  • Use one or more of the resources below with your students during the week of 12/8-12/12.
  • Invite me in to work with your students on these activities.
  • Tweet pictures and/or descriptions of how your students are using computers in class. (Or ask me to Tweet for you!)

If you'd like to schedule time with me, please do so ASAP. Also, please keep me posted about any Hour of Code activities you do on your own. I would love to stop by and take a few pictures!

The Hour of Code - WORLDWIDE

Hour of Code Resources: