Francisco Coronado

The Unfortunate Truth By: Jacob Kirkland

Scene 1:Introduction

Narrator: The King Of Spain was in his castle when a small Native American boy comes into the room.

*CRASH* (The boy barges through the throne room doors)

Indian Boy: IT'S A LIE!

Royal Supervisor:King let me take care of this.

King: Very well.

RS:Thank you. GUARDS!

IB: No! Here me out!

RS: I'll take care of (King Interrupts)

King:NO! We must here him out.

RS:But sir you have a meeting with the round table.

King: My statement is FINAL!
RS:But sir (King Interrupts)

King:NO! I'm also sure this will be more interesting.

RS: But sir.


RS.Yes sir.

Scene 2:Rising Action

King: So what did you want to tell me, and how did you get here?

IB: I came from your so called "New World" by sneaking onto your boat to avoid death, and also have come to inform you of the tyranny of Francisco Coronado.

King:Tyranny? Why no. He got us land. He helped us get supplies from the new world.

IB: You sent him over to see what was out there, is that correct?

King: Yes indeed.

IB: Well did you ever wonder who was out there. Francisco Coronado KILLED my people!!!

IB: He burned my villages! He stole our food, homes, and even our religion!

King: What are you talking about?

IB: Well about a year and a half ago everything was going as normal, or as you would say "normal for them."

Scene 3:Rising Action

Ship Man Nathan: LAND HO!!

Francisco Coronado: Great! When do you think we will arrive?

SMN: Within the day.

FC: Great! We finally made it... we made it... to India.

FC: Nathan!

SMN: Yes sir?
FC: Get the men!

SMN: Yes sir.

FC: Men we have lost good people, we have fought hard to survive in the harshest environments, some of us survived without food for weeks... but all this has led up to getting to India.

Scene 4: The Climax

Indian Boy Narration: When I first saw them, they killed my family.

IBN: Started with the village's Chief, and then my mother, when my father went to check on her they took him to. Ended with my brother. My baby sister ran away with the chieftain's wife. The forced me ,and the rest of the survivors as well. We we were forced to become Christian the people who resisted were killed. Even if you converted you died in the harsh work areas.

FC: MOVE! These boats aren't gonna build themselves.

FC: Nathan there are some slackers in the mines! Show them what happens when the disobey.

Nathan: Yes sir.

IBN: The mines are where I worked. Nathan saved me and my sister, along with the other kids. We stole the food that night and took the boat. Nathan was the captain with the other Spanish that didn't like what Francisco Coronado was doing.

Little did we know the Francisco Coronado would follow us. One night he came, we were under the deck, but everyone woke up when the first shot was fired, luckily they missed, and instead of firing again they boarded. Me and my sister stood at the trap door watching in terror as he shot Nathan, and instead of letting himself die he took Francisco and jumped off the ship. When this happened his men dove off to save him, and they did, but with the combined effort of our men we were able to make it, but not in time to reach you before him.

Scene 5: The End

King: Young boy, young naive boy.

IB: What?

King: Do you really think I would've sent him over if he wasn't willing to do what he did.

IB: I guess no.

King: Exactly I sent him over, because I knew he would have no problem in killing for his country. He was gonna do it no matter what, because the more land he got or stole he gets more money. All I needed was for him to get land ,and riches, and other things, no matter who he trampled in the process.

IB: You evil man.

King: It's business kid.

IB: Everyone who died it's your fault.

King: "Unfortunate" casualties.


King: Good ridence to bad rubbish.

IB: I'll be back.

King: No... no you won't.


For Now

RAFT Project

Role: Francisco Coronado
Audience: Historian

Form: Script

Topic: The Unfortunate Truth