Julia Perles

vaccinations required for children, yes or no?

Vaccines should be required for children. Not only for their own health, but for others around them too. they could affect people around them and make them sick, even if its just a sneeze or cough.

pros of vaccines

-most childhood vaccines are 90%-99% effective in preventing disease

-the ingredients were proven safe in small doses

-the most common side affect (allergic reaction) happens only every several hundred thousand kid

-when children have chicken pox when they are little, grow up, and still aren't vaccinated they are put in risk

cons of vaccines

-people think government shouldn't intervene with personal medical decisions

-the vaccine are unnatural

-some diseases that vaccines target are harmless, so people think vaccines are useless

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vaccine paragraph

vaccines can be safe and affective if you do them correctly, this means no large doses and not skipping appointments. Studies show that vaccines are good to get at a young age, with a very little change of anything going wrong, vaccines can benefit and can even maybe save your life or life's around you.