Spanish Newsletter

Week of February 11-15 2013

What we did this week...

Feliz dia de San Valentin! (Happy Valentine's Day!)

This week in Spanish our schedule needed to be amended due to the snow day we had last Friday. I have not introduced the project that I spoke about in last week's newsletter but I am planning on doing so today.In order to complete the"ser and estar" project we have been doing a variety of activities to identify and learn the differences between these two verbs that mean "to be". Some of the activities we have been doing in class is a "chair game" where students hear a sentence in the target language and need to sit in the chair that represents ser or estar, categories with adjectives, socrative (an on-line formative assessment), practice "quizzes" on GlobalClassroom (our moodle), videos, homework worksheets and much more. The goal is for students to learn the differences between these two verbs and apply them to authentic situations. (In other words, using them correctly without teacher prompting.) Today (2/14) students will be learning different expressions in Spanish related to Valentine's day. Students will be writing Valentine's day poems in Spanish using the verbs ser and estar. In addition, each student will receive a box of conversation/sweetheart candies with Spanish expressions on them. (I included a picture of it below).

Coming up Next Week...

Students will be working on their "ser estar" project on Monday and will be presenting it for Tuesday.

"Ser and Estar" is the last big piece of new learning in our unit 4 so we will be ending this unit with a culminating conversation in Spanish that students will be working on and presenting at the end of the week. (Hopefully I have some volunteers that are willing to let me link their videos to next week's newsletter.)

Lastly, I am very excited to tell you that our language lab in up and running! Next week we will be taking a field trip (across the hall) to learn how to use the software program "Fluenz" so that students can practice their Spanish skills during block 1 (clinic). Students will have the opportunity to earn extra credit by completing the units. More information will be coming out next week regarding this program.