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Dear Parents

Since we changed the format of our curriculum night this year, we wanted to make sure all parents received information on certain aspects of grading and curriculum for 7th Grade STEM. We have included information in this newsletter regarding corrections, grading, and links to standards covered in each of our classes this year.

Parent Instructions for Joining Canvas

This is a guide for joining Canvas as a parent.

Joining Canvas as a Parent

Parent Resources for Curriculum

Instructions for Corrections 2016 - 2017

7th Grade STEM Corrections 2016 - 2017

Corrections will only be accepted in the format outlined below, unless otherwise instructed by a teacher.

Follow the directions below when completing corrections for Science, ELA, Social Studies, Math, and STEM.

· First, analyze your original work and identify the specific reason you got the problem wrong. Do NOT write this down!

· Use a new sheet of loose leaf paper. DO NOT MAKE CHANGES TO THE ORIGINAL ASSIGNMENT!!

· Use this heading on your correction paper:

Name: Class and Period

Date: “Original Assignment Name” Corrections

· On the loose leaf paper, record the question number you are correcting.

· Write a very thorough answer that shows deep understanding of the concept. See the chart below for example responses.

· Skip a line and start the next question.

· Staple your corrections on top of the original assignment.

Question with Incorrect Response

Acceptable Correction Response

Multiple Choice

An example of internal conflict is _______________________.

a. Two people fighting

b. A man in the middle of a tornado

c. A girl trying to decide whether to tell on her friend or not.

d. A boy trying to fit in at a new school.

Internal conflict is when a character struggles with what to do in a specific situation. The answer, C, “a girl trying to decide whether to tell on her friend or not” is an internal conflict. It is an internal conflict because the girl is trying to decide what the right thing to do is.

Fill in the Blank

The old man to wear manacles so he could see to drive.

The old man had to wear spectacles so he could see to drive. Manacles are handcuffs which would not help a person drive. Spectacles are glasses, which could help a person when driving.

True / False

True or False: The setting of the story was 1917 Germany.

True – The setting of the story is where and when it takes place. This story takes place in 1917, in Munich, which is in Germany.

Open Ended Questions

Question: Explain 3 things we learned about Willy through indirect characterization and how we learn them.

Answer: Willy lives on a potato farm, he is ten years old, and his grandfather is sick.

Indirect characterization is when we learn about a character through inference and using context clues. The author does not explicitly state the information in the text. Willy’s age, where he lives, and his grandfather’s condition are all clearly stated in the text, so they are not examples of indirect characterization. Examples of indirect characterization would be: A. Willy is optimistic – he believes his grandfather will get better once the potatoes are harvested. B. Willy is determined – he and Searchlight harvest all of the potatoes in 10 days. C. Willy is outwardly compassionate – He tells Searchlight that he won’t ever give her away.


v Some assignments may have specific correction requirements different than those outlined above. Pay attention to what your teachers tell you about assignments and corrections.

v If you are unsure about whether corrections can be done for a specific assignment, ask your teacher.

v When a rubric is given at the beginning of a project, corrections cannot be done for that assignment.

v Corrections are due 4 DAYS after the graded assignment has been returned.

v Half credit can be earned for corrections done on quizzes and tests.

o A retake will be offered for test or quiz, rather than corrections of the original for math.

v Full credit can be earned for corrections done on classwork and homework.

v Corrections cannot be done for assignments that are turned in over 10 days late.

v Assignments turned in 1-5 days late will have 10% deducted from the grade.

v Assignments turned in 6-10 days late will have 20% deducted from the grade.

v Assignments turned in after 10 days will be given a grade of 50% and corrections cannot be done for them.

v Labs cannot be corrected. An alternative assignment will be given for corrections.

Weekly Tutoring AM Sessions

Thursday, Oct. 13th, 8am

133 Stonecrest Circle Southwest

Concord, NC

AM Tutoring Sessions will occur every Thursday. Please use Parent Drive to drop students off at the crosswalk leading to the mall entrance. DO NOT drop students off at the mall entrance as this creates an unsafe situation for buses dropping off students for PLC.

Weekly Tutoring PM Sessions

Thursday, Oct. 13th, 4pm

133 Stonecrest Circle Southwest

Concord, NC

Tutoring sessions will occur every Thursday.