Religions Project

By:Breonnia Brisco

What is Judaism?

Judaism is a religion that believe in more than one god.People that have the religion judaism they are called jews.Jews believe in god but they also believe in many other ones.Jews are different when they go to church.And back in the old days jews where very mean people.Hitler was a jew he was the governor of this town.And he killed people who weren't jews.They represent the Star of David.This is the Star that the worship this is what they used to where when they went around.If you where a jew you had to where this star if the didn't then they couldn't out because they would get locked up or get sentenced to their death.
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What is Christianity?

Christianity is a Religion just like Judaism but it is now Judaism.Christianity is when they just believe in one god.They are called a Christian.They just believe in one god and that is Jesus.They back in the old days had church and they stayed in church and it is like that to day.A christian if they do not obey the rules of it.This is a picture of jesus this is the god that they believe in.This is the god they depended on like if things go bad they pray to jesus and eventually things get better for that person.If you are a Christian you shall no curse you shall no lie you shall not steal you shall not cheat.Those are the things that you shall not do if you are a christian well those things are the things that you shall follow if you are a Christian if you don't your just not a Christian then.
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What is Buddhism?

Buddhism are kinda like Jew but not actually.Buddhism is a thing that people do when they need to get something off of them.The Meditate what that means is that they put their hands together and they hum or they talk.Because a Buddis do not believe in god.They meditate so things for them will get better for them.If they are having problems the meditate so things would get better.This is a picture of a buddis she is meditating sot can have piece of mind.
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What is Hinduism?

Hinduism is a Indian region so what that means is that Indians probably and most likely have this region since their most likely from india they most likely have this region.So basically indians have this believe because that is what the worship and some indians don't they believe in other believes i think thats fine i guess but i really think they should stick to their own self their own region but its what ever they want to do and who ever they believe in.
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What is Islam?

Islam is kinda like Christianity but not quiet islam is like christianity because islam only believes in one god.Islam is and actual place not just a region.In islam someone rules over the whole country.Kinda like when hitler was alive he ruled over the whole country and everyone has to do what that person says or else.They will be punished in whatever way they want them to be punished.
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