College Composition and Research

Gracie Ellis

About Me

Hi, I'm Gracie Ellis! I am a senior at Chillicothe High School. I am currently finishing my first semester of College Composition and Research taught by Dr. Jill Watkins. I enjoy spending time with my friends. In the fall of 2018, I plan to attend Northwest Missouri State University to study psychology. Then, attend an out-of-state university for my graduate work.

English 101

This course is taught by Dr. Jill Watkins. Dr. Watkins attended high school in Trenton, Missouri. She attended Missouri Western State University and earned her Doctorate in Education from William Woods University.

First Semester Essays

Academic Resume

Academic Resume

This assignment contains a list of all of my academic and extracurricular achievments.

Becoming a Forever Family

College Application Essay

In my college application essay, I tell the story of adopting my brother.

Single Parents vs. Traditional Families

Narration Essay

My narration essay is about my Aunt Jennifer and her dedication to her children as a single mother.

Unrealistic Events in The Bachelor

Analysis Essay

My analysis essay is about unrealistic events that take place on the reality television show, The Bachelor.

Achievment is More Than a Grade

Definition Essay

The definition gives different types of educators view on education.

To Work or Stay-At-Home

Summary/Response Essay

My summary response essay is about new mothers and the difficulies they face when returning to the workforce.

Veganism in Athletes

Argumentative Essay

My argumentative essay is about the benefits that athletes recieve from practicing a vegan diet.


Top 5 Tips

These are my top five most important tips for passing Dr. Watkins class.

My Best Essay

My summary/response essay was my best essay. These are some of the strongest parts of my essay.

Did You Know?

Athletes who practice a vegan diet can receive positive benefits to their athletic performance.

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