Architecture Project

New York City, USA Joseph Archer and Joshua Westmoreland

New York City Hall

Built in 1811. The architects who designed the building were John McComb Jr. and Joseph Francois Mangin. It is located on 52 Chambers Street. On July 23, 2003 an assassination occurred Othniel Askew shot James E. Davis, a political rival of his. A police officer then shot Askew, killing him. Features of the building include marble cladding that was added to the back of the city hall, corinthian columns support the dome, and a large rotunda with a grand marble staircase is present in the city hall, and a central pavilion that is flanked by two projecting wings. It is also located near a small park called the City Hall Park.

New York World Building

Completed in 1890 by architect George B. Post for Joseph Pulitzers for New York World newspaper. The building was located on park row. The building was demolished in 1955 for the Brooklyn bridge approach. It was the first building in NYC to be taller than the spire of Trinity Church. Features of the building include a hybrid "cage" frame structural system, steel framing, exterior masonry walls, columns embedded in exterior walls, and a facade of red sandstone, brick and terra-cotta with an arched entryway with red and gray granite.

Woolworth Building

The Woolworth Building was completed in 1913 by architect Cass Gilbert. It is located on 233 Broadway. Steel and terra-cotta were the materials used. In 1977 to 1981 the building underwent restoration. It was the tallest building in the world until 1930. Features include a 3-story roof that is topped with crowning pinnacle, a lobby covered in marble and a stained glass ceiling, and a statue of Cass Gilbert holding a model of the Woolworth Building. It was sold in 1998 for 126.5 million dollars.

Ritz Tower

Built in 1925 by Emery Roth & Sons and Carrere & Hastings. This building was the first residential skyscraper in the world. The tower is located on 109 East 57th street at Park Avenue. Features of the building include terraces, which were a novelty at the time, a three story limestone base, a top tower that is elegant and rooftop obelisk. On August 2, 1932 there was an explosion at the Ritz Tower which caused a small fire that killed 7 fireman and injured 31 people.

Chrysler Building

Built by William Van Alen completed in 1930 also one of the last skyscraper in art deco style and also features gargoyles. The building is located at 405 Lexington Avenue at 42nd street. It was the tallest building in New York in 1930 but then surpassed by the Empire State Building in 1931. It was restored in 1996. Features include marble floors and stylish elevator doors. It also includes red Moroccan marble walls and Art Deco compositions. Other features include white brick and dark gray brickwork is used as horizontal decoration. Lastly, it has been sold to many other companies, investment groups, and corporations.

Empire State Building

Built in 1931 by William F. Lamb to employ workers from the depression. The Empire State Building is located on 350 Fifth Avenue, the empire state building was the tallest building in the world until 1972. In 1951 a TV mast was added making it 449 meters tall. In 1945 fourteen people were killed when a twin engine bomber crashed on the 79th floor of the building. Features of the building include Indiana limestone and granite, two observatories, and a large distinctive spire originally designed for a dirigible mast for blimps. It also includes several art exhibits throughout the building. On May, 18, 1981 the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commissions declared the building a landmark.

Lever House

Built in 1952 out of stain steel and glass by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill. It is located on 390 Park Avenue and it was the first all glass building in New York. Gordon Bunshaft made the tower a slab with its narrow side facing the road. A horizontal mezzanine is cut out in the center, creating a central courtyard. The other features of the building include an outside elevated plaza on the top row of the horizontal base and was the first full climate controlled, fixed windowed office building in NYC. Important events in the building history is in 1982 the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission designated the Lever House a landmark.

Metlife Building

Built in 1963 by Emery Roth and Sons, Walter Gropius, and Pietro Belluschi. Originally known as the Pan Am Building. The location of the building 200 Park Avenue. An important event in the building history was the heliport on the roof was closed after a helicopter fell of the roof in 1977. The building was sold by Pan Am to Metlife in 1981 for 400 million dollars. Features include the exterior of the building being covered in concrete panels to visually strengthen the building, steel was used to construct the building, precast concrete panels, and glass.

Trump Tower

Built in 1983 by Swanke, Hayden, and Connell (Der Scutt was the design architect) and partners for Trumps personal head quarters. It is located on 725 Fifth Avenue. The Trump Tower features a 6 story lavish atrium, has a cascading waterfall adjacent to the entrance with pink marble walls. It also included bronze glass and each tier has a shrub on it. In 2004 the Trump tower had many appearances in the TV series, "The Apprentice", allowing the building to gain more popularity.

IBM Building

Built in 1983 by arhcitect Edward Larrabee Barnes. The location of the building is 590 Madison Avenue. The building features a 5-side prismatic form. In 1994 the building was sold to Odyssey. Features of this building is gray-green glass and polished granite, and a 10,000 sq. foot glass covered park with a 65 foot ceiling.

World Trade Center

Built in New York by Minoru Yamasaki, first tower was built in 1972 second build was built in 73 and both were the tallest building in the world till 1974. It was located on Church, Vesey, West, and Liberty streets. In 1993 a bomb exploded in the building injuring many people. On September 11, 2001 a terrorist attack occurred where two planes crashed into each of the twin towers causing them to collapse. Features of the building included a 208 foot wide facade with a prefabricated steel lattice with columns to resists overturning forces. Also, it is a light economical structure so it keeps wind bracing at the outside of the building. It does not carry forces through the floor membrane to the core a. Lastly, offices spaces do not have interior columns.

Trump World Tower

Built in 2001 by Costas Kondylis for Donald Trump. It was the worlds tallest residential building until one was constructing a taller residential building in 2003. The location of the tower is First Avenue and 47th Street. It includes a lushly landscaped garden, a sixty foot pool, private wine cellars, and it has a concrete frame forming wind bracing in the form of shear walls and perimeter support bands.

New Yorks Times Building

Built in 2004 by architects Renzo Piano, Fox & Fowle as a office building. The grand opening of the building was November 19, 2007. It is located on 620 Eight Avenue. The building was deigned with a double skin curtain wall with ceramic rods, so it functions as a sun screen. It enhances the city's skyline by reflecting the light so the color changes and the inside can be seen from streets below. More than 95% of the structure is made by recycled metal.

Bank of America Tower

Built by Cook & Fox Architects completed in 2009. The location of the tower is 1 Bryant Park at 6th Avenue. The tower has two spires and one has a wind turbine that produces electricity for the building. The materials of the building is clad with and aluminum framed curtain wall with transparency. During construction in October of 2007 a construction container fell off of a crane, damaging the tower and injuring others.


Built in 2013 by David Childs and corresponds to the original height of The World Trade Center buildings. The location of One WTC is Vesey, West Washington and Fulton Streets. The structure of WTC One is designed around a strong steel frame, with beams and columns. it also has a concrete-core shear wall, the strong steel frame lends extreme redundancy to the structure of the building without columns inside of the building. An observation deck opened on May 29, 2015 with a ribbon cutting ceremony.