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June Edition


The Family Flyer is created by Genesee Intermediate School District (GISD) Early Literacy and Math coaches and coordinators. Our hope is that parents and caretakers, countywide, take advantage of the resources to support their kindergarten through third grade children with academics, nutrition, and well-being. New events and resources will be published monthly. Please contact Education and Learning at the GISD if you have any questions. The contact information is located at the bottom of this flyer. It is our hope that you find this resource useful and fun. Enjoy!

Upcoming Events

Summer Literacy Event


We are inviting ALL students (preschool-grade 12) in ALL Districts/PSAs to accept the summer reading challenge!

Students: When you read this summer, simply log your books/pages in the Google Form

Your books/pages will be tallied for your district and for the county. You can enter up to 10 different books at a time using this Google Form. This Google Form will be open all summer and you can continue entering books until August 31, 2021. Help Genesee County get to a MILLION Books/Pages by August 31st by reading this summer!

Who: All students from Genesee County Districts/PSAs

Grades: Preschool-12

What: Read to a Million Summer Literacy Challenge

When: Starting the first day of your District/PSA Summer Break-August 31st

Where: Read wherever you like and then log your books/pages (it’s that easy!)

Why: Reading makes better readers and better readers are successful learners!

How: Read books over the summer and log your book/pages


The GISD will be holding a drawing at the end of summer for any student that participated and will also be giving away a ‘Bucket of Books’ to the top 3 Districts/PSAs with the most students (%) participating. Audio books and parents reading to their child also counts! Don’t forget to log your book/pages for those as well!

Summer 2021 is going to be the best yet! Family adventure is waiting right here in Genesee County! Click on the iconic Crossroads Village image below to view a comprehensive calendar of events occurring at our Genesee County Parks! You don't have to go far to get away!

Free and Inexpensive Fun

Looking for some summer fun? Click picture for link to 61 activities throughout Genesee County to enjoy!
Looking for virtual learning and fun? The Genesee District Library offers several engaging events! Click on the images below to learn more!

Healthy and Active

More From Crim Sports

Big picture

Recommended Books

Click on the images below to enjoy the perfect summer read-aloud!


SUMMER IS LONG ENOUGH TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Learning doesn't stop when the school year ends! Children need to continue to be engaged in fun and meaningful activities all summer long! Everyday activities offer endless opportunities to assist children to learn in memorable ways. Simple tasks like going on a word hunt, writing known words with sidewalk chalk, as well as playing dice games will make a difference. Click on the image to be redirected to 13 fun summer learning activities for kids of every grade level!

Summer Reading Challenge

Flint Public Library will be hosting a Summer Reading Challenge. Click picture for link to see details and registration information.

Summer Math Activities

Want some fun and engaging ideas you can do with your child this summer? Click on the picture to read about 5 math games you can play with your family that take little effort, few materials, but will bring hours of enjoyment into your day!

Summer Science and Social Studies

"Must Try" Science Activities

Summertime can be the best time for science! Blow bubbles create volcanos, and build windmills! The possibilities are endless for both indoor and outdoor hands-on learning. Click on the image to explore inexpensive science experiments that are sure to keep children and adults of all ages engaged!

Independence Day

Independence Day is widely celebrated across the United States. It is mostly known for the warm weather, parades, cookouts, and of course FIREWORKS! However, there is more to Independence Day than just these festivities. Independence Day is an important part of US History. Take some time to watch this video to learn more about the history of this important day.
Summer can be stressful, especially for children who thrive on maintaining a "regular" schedule. Here's a quick list of helpful hints as you transition into summer break:
  • Work together to establish a schedule that works for parents and children.
  • Make plans ahead of time and try to stick to them as much as possible.
  • Talk about upcoming experiences, challenges, and expectations.
  • Get outside regularly to play at home, or explore new places.
  • Connect with friends if possible.
Click the image for a more comprehensive list of suggestions from the Child Mind Institute

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