Geneseo MS/HS Newsletter

November 3, 2020

Principal's Message: Mr. Salatel

The great news is that we made it to the month of November with our school remaining open. This success is directly related to the cooperation and commitment from our student body in following the established COVID-19 safety guidance. Our staff deeply appreciates the students adapting to new routines and systems throughout our school. With the temperatures and changing of seasons, it's important that we all continue to practice social distancing, mask wearing, and proper handwashing. We have started to experience some of the traditional sights around school. The students were able to experience a modified Spirit Week, and all the excitement surrounding Halloween was witnessed in our school. In addition, this week students began using their lockers before school, during lunch, and after school. The timing worked out well because of the unusual cold temperatures and light snowfall that greeted us this week. Students will be able to store their coats and other winter belongings in their lockers. The end of 10 weeks is quickly approaching. Please remember to reach out to your student's teachers if you have any academic questions or concerns.

A Message from Mr. Veley: Athletic Director/Assistant Principal

Great news for our athletes! Section V has determined that they will provide a Sectional Tournament for Boys and Girls Soccer, and a Sectional Championship for Cross Country. The timeline:

  • The week of 11/5 will be the last week of regular season play for our teams.
  • Varsity soccer teams will start sectional play on 11/10 and 11/11.
  • Cross country sectionals will take place on 11/21.

As Geneseo student-athletes move throughout their tournaments, we will continue with our protocols of wearing facial coverings and practicing social distancing as determined by the Livingston County Department of Health. This guideline is enforced at different levels by the County Department of Health offices that schools are located in.

Section V has 9 leagues that extend throughout 12 counties. Each county has their own Department of Health, which has established health and safety protocols for its schools. These guidelines have been interpreted differently by individual county health departments. An example of this is the use of facial coverings. In Livingston County, student-athletes are expected to wear face coverings at all times unless determined to be medically necessary to remove them. Other counties allow the student to determine when the face covering is tolerable and students are able to remove face coverings when they feel they are no longer able to tolerate wearing them.

There may be times when our student-athletes are competing against other districts who will not be wearing face coverings at all times. Although this is not our preference, if we chose to not play that team, we would be forced to forfeit the game, which would end our season.

With that said, I wanted to send out a genuine thank you to everyone associated with our athletic programs for their continued support as we offer our student athletes opportunities during the midst of the pandemic. We have also had to battle the weather which has forced us to move five games from the Field of Dreams to our JV field due to the field conditions. We understand that these last minute changes are difficult on the numerous schedules parents and student athletes are balancing, but we appreciate your cooperation.

I felt this information was important to share with you as we begin our tournaments. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Craig Veley, Athletic Director at 585-243-3450 Ext. 1006.

Good luck to our teams as they continue their seasons! #GoBlueDevils!

Student Spotlight: Jacob French and Regina Cucchiara

Staff Spotlight: Mark Mattice

Last month several local officials reached out to me to express their gratitude towards GCS Social Studies Teacher Mr. Mattice for some heroic actions during a recent event in the village. Mr. Mattice was walking to get his mail when he heard screaming from a neighbor. A significant accident happened to a farmer while he was attempting to fix a piece of farm equipment. Mark immediately jumped into action by running over to help the victim. The victim was in a very dangerous position, and the lack of Mark's involvement could have caused devastating results. It's wonderful to see members of our staff make valuable contributions in our school and community.
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Community Spotlight: GCEF

In 2010 longtime GCS Teacher (retired) Cindy Schmitt and Jim Memmott had a vision to create a system to provide financial support for programs to benefit students and staff in our district. As a result, they met with several school officials to create the Geneseo Central Education Fund (GCEF). Since then, GCEF has made $40,000 in grants, which funded 104 projects. The funds have been utilized to support field trips, classroom materials, guest speakers, professional development conferences for teachers, and many other school initiatives. In addition, thanks to significant donations made by Coast Professional, Inc., in Geneseo, the GCEF has created an emergency fund to support students with economic challenges. During the recent pandemic facing GCS, the GCEF has also started to support digital alternatives to field trips and other projects remotely. The GCEF has also organized and volunteered many hours to offer our annual basketball game between GCS staff and community members. This annual event has raised over $28,000 throughout the years. The Geneseo MS/HS deeply appreciates all that Cindy and Jim and GCEF Board have done for our school throughout the years. The following individuals are members of the Geneseo Central Education Fund Board:

Jim Memmott (chair)

Liz Bishop Reardon (vice chair)

Dan Strang (treasurer)

Peter Dolan

Cara Lynch

Martin Miskell

Katie Rommel-Esham

Cindy Schmitt

Emily Morgan

Jenn Mehlenbacher (ex officio)

Cindy Flowers (ex officio)

The GCEF is largely supported by individual donations, many coming from retired GCS teachers. If you would like to make a donation, please use the following form:

Please contact 585-243-3450, extension 2214, if you have any questions or would like more information.

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Welcome Back!!

Mrs. Scholand (School Counselor, grades 10-12) is returning to school on November 9, 2020 from her maternity leave. We are excited to have Mrs. Scholand back in our building. Mrs. Scholand possesses a wealth of knowledge and skills to assist our students. We would also like to extend our appreciation and thanks to Mrs. Pratt for joining us during Mrs. Scholand's leave. We wish her the best in her future endeavors.
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Upcoming Events

Saturday 11/7: SAT Exam, 7:30 a.m.

Monday / Tuesday, 11/9 and 11/10: Picture Retakes

(Please remember to return pictures previously taken)

Wednesday, 11/11: Veteran’s Day - No School

Friday, 11/13: End of 10 Weeks

Wednesday, 11/18: Pre-ACT Exam

Special Notes:

We are currently exploring a plan to offer students a 3:30 late bus to possibly start in the next few weeks. The late bus will have limited capacity and be designated for special circumstances and programs only. The details of the plan will be communicated once they are finalized.

Be on the lookout for your invitations from GCS teachers to view their Virtual Open Houses. We hope you enjoy the greetings from the staff.

The Geneseo Sports Boosters apparel site is now open and ready for ordering. Please click on the link below to access the merchandise available for purchase. This is a great place to start your holiday shopping.

Geneseo MS/HS Priorities

Last year we created Geneseo MS/HS Staff Focus Groups to develop initiatives and programs surrounding three priorities in our school. Listed below are the three areas identified as priorities.

Social Emotional Learning and Mental Health Services

Supporting Economically Disadvantaged Students

Building a School Culture Inclusive of Diversity and Sensitivity

I will highlight each priority in a different monthly newsletter. The goals for the MS/HS Staff Focus Groups are to develop educational programs and opportunities to benefit our entire school community related to these important topics. This valuable work began last year but was unfortunately cut short due to school closing early in March. Although we have noticed many positive outcomes from the work we started last year, we realize that there is still so much more to build upon. An example of some these actions implemented by staff is displayed below. GCS ESOL Teacher Haleigh Wixson created a bulletin board that is displayed in the MS/HS hallway. The display celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month by highlighting important Hispanic figures from the past.

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