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February 5, 2016

Supplies Needed

Our class is totally out of notebook paper. If you can donate some, it would be greatly appreciated!

Mrs. Taylor, the art teacher, is in need of toilet paper and paper towel tubes for a future art project.

Valentine Party Feb. 10

Should your child want to bring Valentines, we'll pass them out at the party on Feb. 10. Students are welcome to decorate a box at home and bring it to school.

Thanks for your donations to United Way!

Our class collected $87.96!

Scholastic Book Fair Hours

Friday, 2/5 6:30-8:30pm

Monday, 2/8 1:00-6:00 pm

Tuesday, 2/9 2:00-8:00pm

Wednesday, 2/10 1:00-6:00pm

Thursday, 2/11 2:00-8:00 pm.


Students used fraction tiles and pictures to find common denominators to add and subtract fractions. They began noticing the multiplication relationship between equivalent fractions, which will help them next week when using the algorithm. On Friday, students uses the benchmark fractions (0, 1/2, 1) to estimate sums and differences. For example, 5/6 is only one piece away from a whole, and 3/8 is only one piece away from a half, so 5/6 + 3/8 is not quite 1 1/2.

If your child has not yet achieved 100% multiplication/division fact fluency, please have him/her continue to use Reflex Math nightly.

E/LA & Social Studies

Integrating multiple sources into organized writing was the focus this week. Using information from last week's video, the article about assembling the Corps of Discovery, and reading the Letter that President Jefferson wrote to Lewis guiding his focus of the expedition, students were able to create well-developed and organized paragraphs about the beginning of Lewis and Clark's journey. Students created webs for each subsection to get all the knew about each topic down. They, then, determined what order the details should be presented in, and if more research was needed. After which students drafted that section of their Westward Expansion papers. This process shows students what knowledge they truly "own," which will allow them to use their own words and structure. Typically, students like to piece meal facts together from notes or directly from text, which results in unorganized and sometimes plagiarized work.

The class also learned about the Monroe Doctrine and Andrew Jackson. Today, we touched on the Trail of Tears.

Students evaluated samples of summaries from last year's students. They defended the grade they assigned to each. On Friday, students used the summary rubric to evaluate their summary pretest and justified the grade they gave themselves. Then students conferred with me to see if I agreed and we did! I love the reflective learners that they have become!


Students investigated the force of buoyancy this week. Partners were challenged to take the same piece of clay and make it sink and float. They had to use the entire piece of clay both times, so its mass stayed the same. At first this proved to be quite a challenge. Some groups even had to get a new piece of clay, as theirs had become water-logged. But soon cheers from one group to the next erupted from the testing area. It was awesome to see the teamwork demonstrated between groups so all could be successful.

Later in the week, students researched the science definition of work and how to calculate it. After which, partners designed a task that involved work and calculated it.

On Friday, students went on a simple machine scavenger hunt in both our room and virtually using the EdHeads site. Next week, students will investigate how simple machines make work easier.

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Next Week's Specials' Calendar

Monday, Feb. 8 - Day 4: Library

Tuesday, Feb. 9 - Day 1: Music

Wednesday, Feb. 10 - Day 2: PE

Thursday, Feb. 11 - Day 0: Early Release

Friday, Feb. 12 - No School

Upcoming Events:


2/8 through 2/11 Scholastic Book fair

2/9-Parent/Teacher Conferences, afternoon

2/10-Valentine Parties, 2:05-2:40 pm

2/11 All Pro Dads 7:10 AM - LGIR

2/11-Early Release, 12:50 Parent/Teacher Conferences


2/15- NO SCHOOL- President’s Day

2/18-Papa John’s Night

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