Fifth Grade News: SOL Edition

Issue #27 March 17 - 21

Upcoming Events for Crozet 5th Graders

  • Send in your Yearbook Message ASAP!
  • March 18th - Writing Grammar/Punctuation Multiple Choice SOL
  • March 20th - Writing Prompt SOL
  • March 20th - Community Night -5:30-7:30
  • March 21st - *Make-up SOL date* should we not have school on March 18th
  • Please send in a snack with your child. The PTO provides snack for needy families and supplies are running low.
  • March 27th - Music of America 4th and 5th grade performance
  • March 28th - No school for students
  • April 10th - Jamestown/Williamsburg field trip!
  • Richmond Science Museum postponed, date TBA
  • Pamplin Park Trip postponed, date TBA

Has anyone seen this person?

It's been reported that this face has been seen around Crozet. Please report this to your homeroom teacher as symptoms following sightings may include happiness and uncontrollable smiling!

SOL dates:

Writing-March 18th and 20th

*In the event of school cancellation on the 18th, the make-up day with be March 21st.
Social Studies-May 6th
Science-May 8th
Reading-May 14th
Math-May 29th and May 30th

March 20th, 2014 - Community Night!

This year each grade level will showcase their part of our school's Design 2015 project - Building Community with Contagious Curiosity & Creativity through Wonder. We want our students to grow in their understanding of being connected to our world through many relationships--with people, with our environment, with our local community and across the globe. We encourage families and the community to see our students' products. Come and be a part of this Community Night between 5:30-7:30 pm to support our students, socialize with friends, and enjoy local foods!

Crozet Elementary presents....School House Rock Live Jr.!

Our musical production this year will be School House Rock Jr., a lively blast-from-the-past song and dance about learning (remember the preamble song from long ago?) Mrs. Agee is helping with the production and we are thrilled with the fifth grade participation!


We are summarizing, making connections, and discussing sequence in our guided reading books. Students are recognizing figurative Language and decoding new words through their knowledge of root words, prefixes, and suffixes.

Math Corner

We will be finishing up adding and subtracting fractions this week. Students have been working on finding the Least Common Denominator (LCD), simplifying fractions, and turning improper fractions into mixed numbers. Below is a website that we use to help reinforce these difficult skills. Please take some time to go over these site with your 5th grader!

Add, subtract, and compare fractions and mixed numbers.

From the Science Lab of Mrs. Agee

We're having an animal classification competition. Do you know in which class a lobster belongs?

You can also visit the Science page on our website to explore more resources at:

From the Historical Perspective of Ms. Deal

This week students will examine 5 major battles of the Civil War. All of the battles we will learn about took place on Virginia soil, and played pivotal roles in the ultimate outcome of the war. I say this a lot, but we are lucky to live in a state to rich with history.

Please look out for a Civil War study guide. It will be coming home this Friday. Students will be tested on their knowledge of the CIvil War on March 27th. Thank you!

From the Writing Desk of Mrs. Garbaccio

The time has come to show our skills! We learned a tremendous amount this year in writing class and now is our time to shine! If students feel apprehensive, please remind them that they are strong writers.

For writing reinforcement, I encourage this template (see link below) for organization.

This one is good for writing strategies.


Play this one to polish your research skills:

One of my favorite reminders for commas and quotation marks:

Remember to be able to define Plagiarism and that jail is not a punishment for it. :) It could lower your grade, affect your reputation, cost you your job, affect college, etc.

For referring to Rules of all punctuation:

Try for a Million on this site.

Finally, the one we did in class where we challenged family members and Ms. Crummie. See if you can get 100%!

"It is important to remember that we all have magic inside us."

-Joanne Kathleen Rowling