Spring 2015

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Spring 2015 Training Event

Reaching beyond where we are comfortable does not

happen on accident.

If we don't extend our reach on purpose,

it won't happen at all.

Every leader's influence reaches into her home and out to her church and community. But how do MOPS leaders extend their reach?

Extending your reach requires:

  • inspiration
  • discovery,
  • investment,
  • persistence,
  • and gracious generosity.

MOPS Leaders, you are in a unique position to reach the moms who can change their world. We can help you do it. Let’s dig in together at Extend Your Reach – where you’ll discover new things about life and leadership, strengthen your foundation, discuss how to be graciously persistent in relationships and focus on new ways to create a group that allows moms to do all those same things for themselves.

This event is tailor made for you and hosted by your local MOPS Coach.

Eastern PA:

Western PA:

Why do Creative Activities?

I left the MOPS meeting feeling defeated and sad. The topic was one where every family needs to make their own choice, and ours was in the minority. We had speakers share and then broke into our discussion groups. After our time of discussion, the meeting was over, so we disbanded and just...left. It was that moment that made me realize how very important having a time for a creative activity at a MOPS meeting was. The time set aside for a creative activity is a space where your moms can build relationships with out differing opinions on the day's topic. It's a time for women to continue their conversations or to completely switch gears and just be relational to one another. If a craft is a little challenging, the moms can come together, wielding glue guns and solving the world's problems one burlap flower at a time. It is a moment for moms to turn out toward each other rather than inward and scurrying off to nab their children before heading home. The core common goal that we as MOPS leaders have is to bring our moms one step closer to Jesus. That happens through our display of friendship, love, kindness, joy, and gentleness. It happened to me years ago over piles of ribbon scraps, scissors, and sewing machines. Crafting with fellow MOPS moms showed me that accepting Jesus would change my life. I too could be full of those fruits if I turned to Him. I'm so thankful that MOPS Creative Activities revealed Jesus to me.

--Kristie Ritter, Area 23 Ministry Coach

Spring Means Time to RENEW!!

General renewal information:
Beginning April 1, churches will receive charter renewal information. The cost to renew groups at your church is $159, no matter how many groups your church charters, but only until June 30. After that, it will be $199. Encourage your Pastor or Womens' Ministry Coordinator to take care of your group's renewal right away.

More information on Group Experience Kits and Mom Memberships will also be available April 1.

Great Deals For Starting or Adding New Groups

Wondering how you’ll find space for all the moms in your group this coming fall?

We hear you – and we want to help.

Start another group at your church for only $10!

You read that right.

We love that you are reaching more moms, and we want to make it easy for you to welcome every mom in town who needs MOPS. And if a mom in your group is ready to start MOPS at her own church, she can make it happen for just $99 right now (a savings of $300 dollars!)

Questions about the deals? Contact your coach OR contact MOPS International at or 888.910.6677

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Area 23 MOPS Volunteer Staff

Cindy Kienenberger, Area Coach

Mandy Evans, Community Coach

Tracy Snyder, Community Coach
Melaney Patchett, Ministry Coach

Kristie Ritter, Ministry Coach
Carolyn Ruth, Ministry Coach

Bobbie Jo Teagarden, Ministry Coach

Susan Entingh, Special Projects

Shea Corsetti, Special Projects

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Kristie, Cindy, Melaney, Tracy, Shea, Mandy

Area 23 (PA) MOPS Groups

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Map legend

light blue -- Cindy
purple -- Mandy
pink -- Tracy

tan -- Melaney

bright green -- Kristie

yellow -- Carolyn

dark blue -- Bobbie Jo

yellow stars -- Gina (at MOPS International in Denver)

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