Lake Highlands to Build Wall

By Taka Wyatt

Lake Highlands to build wall between them and the Freshman Center

The newly employed principal at Lake Highlands High School has vowed to build a wall in between the High School and the Freshman Center to keep the Freshman out. This proposed wall will obviously not be cheap, but not to worry as the the new principal has said publicly that he will make the Freshman Center pay for the wall. How he will be able to pull this off, no one knows, but being the great business men that he says he is there is surely a way he can pull this huge project off.

The purpose of the wall is to "keep the freshman's problems and drama out of the high school" says the new principal. Student reactions range from saying that the wall is stupid, all the way to saying that the wall will be the best thing to happen to Lake Highlands. Whether he is able to build the wall or not, this is surely bound to be an interesting time in Lake Highlands history.