Flappers of the 1920's

The rebellion started after the war and during the beginning of the Great Depression

  • Jazz music became a big thing in the 1920’s so did fashion changes, shirts were loosened and dropped to the waist and shortened above the knees, women flattened their bust to look thinner.

  • The bob hair cut wasn’t just used to fit in with the new style but as a sign of rebellion after the war.

  • Coco Chanel, and Marlene Dietrich were well known stylist with their encouragement of this rebellious style.

  • The comfortable outfits they wore were made of fabric and fibers but were rarely ever made of synthetics.

  • This style used by the flappers has not only influenced fashion throughout the years with mini skirts, vest, crop tops, and many more it has also became a huge comeback in our decade with the latest fashion trends.