Module 5.2: American Revolution

By Robby Reyes

King George

King George was crowned King at a young age. He was in the age of 22 when he got his throne.
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Intolerable Acts

The Intolerable Acts were properly known as the Coercive Acts. This legislation's purpose was to restore order in Massachusetts,

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Boston Massacre

5 civilians died as a result of the incident, 3 died on the scene and 2 died later. Some websites incorrectly add up the number of victims to be 7 in total.
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Boston Tea Party

A case from the Tea Party is still intact today, in a museum in Boston.
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Declaration of Independence

Once the Declaration of Independence had been written and signed, printer John Dunlap was asked to make about 200 copies to be distributed throughout the colonies. Today, the “Dunlap Broadsides” are extremely rare and valuable. In 1989, someone discovered a previously unknown Dunlap Broadside. It was sold for over $8 million in 2000. There are only 26 known surviving Dunlap Broadsides today.

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