DartmouthX Update

August 8, 2014

This online newsletter is one of a series of bi-weekly updates to keep you informed about what's going on with the DartmouthX project. The newsletter is produced by the project management team - we hope you find it helpful!

DartmouthX Courses, Teams and Activities

Environmental Science: People, Energy, Global Change (February, 2015)

Andy Friedland (faculty)
Emily Lacroix
Jacob Ebersole
Mike Goudzwaard
Barbara DeFelice
Mike Murray

  • edX "About" page is drafted; working on video trailer; hope to publish course for registration in early/mid-September.
  • Prototype week design and development underway; video location selected; filming to commence week of 8/11.
  • Course content access under investigation.

Structural Engineering (Spring, 2015)

Vicki May (faculty)
Adrienne Gauthier

Jared Benedict
Janifer Holt

Jay Beaudoin

  • Team kickoff session held on July 29.
  • ENGS "design jam" held on August 1.
  • Course outline under development.
  • Team will begin meeting regularly after start of Fall term.

Intro to Opera (2015)

Steve Swayne (faculty)
Mike Goudzwaard
Pat Fisken
Dan Maxell Crosby

  • Team kickoff session pending.

19th Century American Literature (2015)

Don Pease (faculty)
Jed Dobson (faculty)
Ashley Kehoe
Laura Braunstein
Others (TBD)

  • Team met informally this past week.
  • Team kickoff session planned for early September.

Announcing the DartmouthX Website!

As part of the DartmouthX communications plan, we've created a website to provide information about the DartmouthX initiative and courses. Please check it out at: http://dartmouthx.dartmouth.edu and let us know what you think - send comments and suggestions to Barbara Knauff (barbara.knauff@dartmouth.edu).

Other DartmouthX News

Communications Update

The DartmouthX communications group (comprised of Josh Kim, Alan Cattier, Jonathan Goldstein, Justin Anderson, Barbara Knauff and Susan Zaslaw) met this week to begin developing a communication plan. The plan will outline our communication goals, messages, audiences, channels, timeline and responsibilities, and will guide our communications activities going forward. The DartmouthX communications plan will also be aligned with the overarching Digitial Learning Initiatives communication strategy that is being developed with the Provost's Office. Communications will be focused on two different primary audiences: The external community of potential DartmouthX course students, and the internal Dartmouth community at large. Please let Susan Zaslaw (susan.m.zaslaw@dartmouth.edu) know if you are interested in reviewing and/or giving input into the plan.

Fair Use Update

A number of folks from the Library and project management team had a call with the General Counsel's Office to discuss how "fair use" should be interpreted in the DartmouthX world. We all agreed that there were no hard-and-fast rules, but that we should develop some guidelines to help DartmouthX course teams evaluate their planned use of copywrited materials. To facilitate the development of these guidelines, Barbara Knauff has requested DartmouthX course faculty to provide examples of materials they would consider using in their courses. Then, Barbara DeFelice, a member of the Environmental Studies course team, will work with the other DartmouthX librarians to draft a fair use guidelines document based upon these examples. These guidelines will be reviewed by General Counsel and Library leadership, then shared with the DartmouthX course teams.

Community of Practice Webinar: Building Community & Student Engagement, Part 1

Wednesday, Aug. 20th, 10am


The development of a communication strategy for the life cycle of your course is key to building community and driving student engagement. Our Community Manager, Patrick Cavallario, will share strategies on how to leverage email, social media, and resources within your own university, to effectively communicate with students in your course.

A group viewing session will be scheduled and announced separately. Or, register here to view the webinar on your own.

Last Friday of the Month Get-Together

Thursday, Aug. 21st, 3:30-5pm


Okay, it's going to be on Thursday this month to side-step another event, but please mark your calendars for this informal get-together of the DartmouthX project community to share stories and ideas about designing and delivering the DartmouthX courses. Snacks and beverages will be provided. Hope to see you there!
p.s. Location will be communicated in an email next week.

Community of Practice Webinar: University of Toronto: Comparing Independent MOOC Participation and Blended Learning

Thursday, Aug. 28th, 1pm


More information to follow.

A group viewing session will be scheduled and announced separately. Or, register here to view the webinar on your own.