NEON/JAZZ Cuba-Extra Meals & Transp

Full transportation and four extra lunches-Required

New requirements from the Cuban Gvt. Visitors Agency Habanatur

Dear Neon/Jazz traveler,

We have been contacted by Habanatur, the official Cuban agency in charge of visitors to Cuba. They are now requiring transportation and more pre-paid meals for every trip.

To abide by these new rules we have been forced to add luxury motor-coach transportation for you every day and full guide service while you are in Cuba.

We also added airport transfers so that you do not have to take a taxi to the hotel from the airport and vice versa. The transportation comes with a professional guide that will be with you the whole time (please note that to keep costs low we did not book transportation on the last day of the trip other than the fleet of 1950s American cars that will take you on a neon tour and dinner that night)

We also had to add four lunches at some of Havana's best Paladares.

These meals will be at four of the best and trendiest paladares (home restaurants) in the City. You already have 10 meals pre-paid in your package; (Breakfast every day, one lunch and two dinners).

Unfortunately this is a requirement and we cannot do the trip without this.

We are very sorry about this new requirement but there is nothing that we can do about it.

You have to eat will love these four places! You need to get around too! This will save you taxi meal expenses that you would have to pay out of your pocket. You have to take less money in cash to Cuba too! Finally, having a Cuban Guide to work with Adolfo Nodal-your US Based expert- will add an infinite amount of information and support to you while you are there.

Four extra lunch experiences

El Aljibe Restaurant:

Mediteraneo restaurant:

La Moneda Cubana:

Sloppy Joes Restaurant:

You get: Luxury transportation & Guide service, two cocktails & four courses including dessert & coffee.

Tips are encouraged but not included!

Added transportation

We have added a luxury motor-coach with a great full time guide to assist you throughout your time in Cuba. We have also added a full time guide which will be there to guide you through the city he whole time you are there. This includes airport transfers to make it easier to get in and out of the Havana Marti airport.

Why this is required

Cuba travel is growing rapidly and the Cuban Government is scrambling to adapt to the new reality of many more Americans visiting Cuba. Your trip planning got caught in the middle of one of these policy changes.

Do you absolutely have to do this? YES they will cancel our tour without this. You have to eat and get around...and these prices are below what you could get for meals and transportation in Havana so you will save money.

How this will work

Unless you write to us at

and cancel your participation in this trip we will automatically add these dinners and transportation/guide service to your itinerary and bill you the extra dinner package in your final bill in the amount of $475.00.

Again we know that this is an extra and we apologize for this addition but the price is right and you will definitely enjoy these dining experiences. You will also enjoy having full transportation and an awesome guide while in Cuba.

Call us if you want to discuss 888 225-6439 Extension 802

Peter R. Sanchez, CEO Cuba Tours and Travel

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