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January 14, 2016

Happy 2016 Everyone! Welcome back to campus and to your weekly CMC newsletter. This is the place to get important information, updates and shout outs! Read On!!

Star Student of the Week: Lauren McCook

This week we are spotlighting Lauren McCook who has returned to campus after spending a semester abroad in Spain. While she was studying abroad Lauren was able to secure a job offer from Bank of America, joining classmates Rob Voyles and Mario Schweizer in the highly coveted Consumer Banking MBA Leadership Development Program. Getting through a three-round interview process is tough enough when you are in your familiar surroundings but Lauren was able to succeed without the comforts of “home”. Before leaving for Spain, Lauren spoke with Karen Weiss in the CMC about which on-campus interviews and networking opportunities she would be missing during the Fall Semester. She made a note of the application deadlines and since she could not attend the LDP presentations in person, Lauren contacted several Pepperdine alumni currently working at B of A to ask questions about the LDP and their experiences with the interview process. Along with the advice of these alumni, Lauren received help from the Bank of America recruiters who were very encouraging and she was able to complete all the interview rounds through phone calls and video conferencing from Spain.

Lauren was able to leverage her summer internship as an Investment Banking Summer Associate with M&A Capital, her Spanish proficiency and her prior work experience at World Bank Group in Washington D.C. where she managed 10 staff members. Her advice for students, especially to those who will be conducting a job search while abroad, is to “stay connected to Pepperdine through the CMC website, Career Advisors and LinkedIn.” She adds, “While I was initially concerned that being abroad for the fall semester would hinder my job search process, I found that studying abroad was an amazing opportunity to grow my network and connect with students, professors, and alumni at an international university.”

Congratulations, Lauren and welcome back!

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"Wait How Do I Write This Email?"

Danny Rubin’s new book, "Wait, How Do I Write This Email?," is a collection of 100+ templates for networking, the job search and LinkedIn.

Have you ever wondered AFTER you hit the send button if your email to a prospective employer or hiring manager sounded OK? Daniel Rubin's book provides examples for many different job search scenarios including the dreaded response when you find out you didn't get the job. It’s a tough moment, I know. Still, it's important to respond professionally despite the rejection you are feeling. Find out what Daniel Rubin suggests you say to say to leave the door open for future opportunities. Also, make sure to have your Career Advisor help you write and proof read your job search documents from cover letters to email responses.

See the full article here:

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We hope everyone had an awesome winter break and enjoyed time off with family and friends. We're guessing you spent some of it working on your career goals for 2016, which might include landing your dream job at graduation, starting a new business or securing a really great summer internship. The CMC is here to help you meet your goals and plan your search strategy.

As part of your search, be sure to check the Career Portal regularly for opportunities like these:

  • Financial Analyst - LIONSGATE
  • Rotational Training Program Associate - EDF RENEWABLE ENERGY
  • Manager, FP&A - DISNEY
  • Real Estate Development Intern - HARVARD INVEST GROUP

A final note - Casey Mayo our Career Management Center Coordinator is expecting her first baby, a daughter, at the end of the month and will be out on maternity leave until early May. We wish Casey and her husband Cody all the best as they become first-time parents!!

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Upcoming Spring Semester Events:

*Mark your calendars for the following events coming up in Spring 2016:

  • January 14: AT&T Summer Internship Resumes Due at 5 PM
  • January 19: AT&T Summer Internship On Campus Interviews
  • January 20, 12:00 pm: Information Session for DIIS NorCal Trek - Check with Karla Kihn - Room P1
  • January 21: Bank of America Summer Internship On Campus Interviews
  • January 29: EDF Renewable Energy LDP Resume Book Deadline
  • February 11-12: NorCal DIIS Trek - Registration Required
  • February 19: Hire SoCal 2016 Graduate Business Career Fair

Apply for these opportunities on the Career Portal!!

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