Tischer horse report

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the arabian horse

The arabian is the oldest purebred in the world,Written documentation from more than 3,000 years ago verifies that the arabian horse is essentially the same today as it was then.

the american quarter horse

Quarter Horses are known for their ‘cow sense’. Once widely used as working cow horses they now excel at rodeo events such as reining, cutting, team penning and speed games. Their powerful haunches help with quick departs to gather a stray from a herd of cattle, or propel them around the barrels in a barrel race. Quarter Horse racing remains an exhilarating sport with tracks across North America. Speeds of up to 50 mph have been recorded during the short and intense Quarter Horse races.

the friesian horse

Friesian horses are very versatile and can be used in riding for pleasure and in competition, for dressage, driving for pleasure and in competition and even for light farm work. Unlike some other European warmbloods, Friesians have not been bred as jumpers, although some owners enjoy jumping their horses.

some of the best race horses

other facts and info about horses

caring for a horse

Owning a horse is a great responsibility. you need to exercise your horse daily, feed twice daily, give them fresh water as needed, groom everyday, muck out stall as needed, pick hooves daily, during the day you should put your horse outside in the pasture so it can get more exercise.

parts of a horse

This is a chart of some parts of a horse.