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January 20, 2016

Collaborating and sharing are skills you can see practiced all over our school district. The Jr. High is now giving a name to the sharing. The 4 T's stand for Tuesday Teachers Teaching Teachers. Each Tuesday a teacher will volunteer to share their expertise with others; it's a teacher showcase, so to speak. The sharing relates to good teaching and best practices. On this day, Dave Purvis shared his Nearpod knowledge with members of the Math, Social Studies, and Language departments. The sharing is not always technical in nature. Courtney York is planning a session on foldables. All sharing is welcomed and enjoyedas we are constantly looking for better ways to serve students!
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SKYWARD Quiz Tutorial!

Skyward offers you the feature of adding tests and assignments, have them graded for you, then added to your gradebook automatically. Many of you are already using this feature and some of you have asked about it. Here's a short video showing how tests and assignments can be added. Please let us help if you need more assistance.
Skyward Online Quiz Tutorial
Slaughtersphysics. "Skyward Online Quiz Tutorial." YouTube. N.p., 19 Sept. 2013. Web. 18 Jan. 2016. <>.
Digital Learning Day coming Feb. 17th

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Join the Chat! Friday, Jan 22, at 3:00

We have a few books left. Need one?

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Did you miss the first practice?

Our next practice will be on Friday, Jan. 22, at 3:00. There will be no topic for this practice session. Just send a tweet followed by the #MVeLearn and you'll be registered for a fabulous PRIZE! Please let us know if you need help or want us to be with you for this practice.Congratulations on taking a new step in being connected!

To join a Twitter chat, you just need to know what hashtag is being used. A hashtag is simply a way to search topics on Twitter and is recognized as a word preceded by a “#.” We use #MVeLearn. Once you’ve logged into Twitter, you can use the search box to find us.

Some chats are fast paced and it's important to note that you aren't expected to read everything. Our #MVeLearn chat will be in low-gear and our moderators will help you find your place by structuring questions with a number system (Q1...).

#MVeLearn chat is a bit unique in that we don't answer with A1, etc rather we use R1 to respond to Q1. Here's why. Not all answers will be labeled, but when a new question is posted, it's generally easy to spot. There are a number of tools such as Hootsuite and TweetDeck to help you keep track of the #MVeLearn tweets as they are posted, but the critical thing to remember is that when you post a tweet, you need to include the #MVeLearn hashtag so that others will see it.

One tool we’ve found to be really useful is
Twubs. If you are NEW to chat, this site is for YOU! This site not only shows you the stream (the list of all the tweets using the hashtag #MVeLearn), but once you are logged in using your Twitter username, it will automatically add the hashtag to your tweets. We’ve included the link for you:

We look forward to seeing you!

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