Everytime Login and Daily Checklist

Surviving the First Few Weeks of Teaching GAVS!!!

Every-Time Login Checks:

Every-Time You Log in Check the Following:

1) Compare the class numbers on the Registration Page to what you've had before. (I keep my class count numbers written down on a piece of paper next to my computer) This helps me catch new students.

2) Respond to Every Student/Parent Email

3) Reply to Every New Discussion Post

3) Keep Welcome Email(s) and Attachment Handy in the Drafts folder or other folder (to quickly send to Courseupdates and new students/parents)

4) Update Dial My Calls.com and Compose a Master Email List when a new student is added or a student drops.-(Then Save it a separate place !)

Daily Checks:

Check the Following Items Daily:

1) Keep Excel Spreadsheet Saved on Desktop and Compare Names to the Registration Page. (Look for New Kid Enrolling and Old Kid Dropping at the same time which will make your overall numbers look the same.)

**2) Opening up the Grades Tab in Every Class to Check for new students entering your classes who need their "Eyeballs" turned-on to view their grades.
View Video:
Turning on Eyeballs in the Gradebook

3) Entering in extended time to every quiz and test in the class for New Students with 504 Plans and IEP Accommodations.

4) Type or Write List of Students with Accommodations with dates of when implemented.

5) Grade quizzes/assessments and dropboxes (or within 3 school days)

** 6) If you notice a student hasn't enrolled in Group after a few days, place him in a group yourself! (See link for Manual Group Enrollment) Manual Group Enrollment

** = Very Important