Head U Gator News

May 31, 2015

Thank you....

...to Kim Graham, Christina Rainwater and the StuCo for planning and organizing the All School Celebration! Having failed miserably to do it myself, I greatly appreciate the help and know we're going to have a great time. I hear the weather may even cooperate!

Moving day

Molly has a plan for moving day that will hopefully make it as painless as possible, so be sure to see it before you make final plans. Even if you're not moving, we need as many helpers as we can get. Jeanette has contacted the GHS baseball team and we've had former parents post a request on Facebook so hopefully we'll have a lot of extra hands, but we need everyone if at all possible. We have ordered pizza that will be delivered at 4:30 (12 pizzas and 2 cinnamon pizzas).

We've had some conversations about what to do the next morning. One idea is to have your students meet you in your old room, do attendance, do morning announcements, then move to the new room. That way, you can make use of the time that you have in the morning when they are engaged with something else and also get help from them if that works for you. Let me know if you don't think that will work and why!


We have ordered BBQ for lunch on Friday, and will plan to eat together between 11:30 and 12:00. While we enjoyed the Paper Plate Awards last year, Heidi and I felt the stress of moving was probably a good reason to suspend the awards for this year, so we won't be doing that but we will be celebrating quite a few people: service pins as well as those who are leaving. We will have books to sign in the teacher's lounge hopefully by Tuesday morning.


Jeanette sent an email Friday about having PLPs done by 6/12. I just know you have lots of things to do right now and that isn't high on your list. Hopefully that extra week will give you time to revise this year's plan and share with us what you're hoping to learn next year. We will use that information to help us plan Ed Camp for August, so it really is important for us to see your plans.

This week: We're there!

Tomorrow, June 1:

First grade celebration 8:00

Third grade celebration 9:00

Tuesday, June 2:

Kinder graduation 8:45

All school celebration (see schedule)

Nancy's retirement party: 3:00

Wednesday, June 3:

Fourth grade celebration: 8:00

Second grade celebration: 9:00

Moving day: 3:00

Thursday, June 4:

5th grade graduation 8:15

Early dismissal 11:45

Mr. Wes' retirement party at 1:00

Friday, June 5:

Work day and luncheon