The ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

Why talk about Empathy


Seeing with the eyes of another

Listening with the ears of another

Feeling with the heart of another

Feeling with people...drives connection

Connection makes it feel better

Trying to make it feel better by giving solutions is not Empathy

RSA Shorts - The Power of Empathy

Everyone is fighting something that we don't know about.

Examples of what we don't see that people could be holding in their hearts

The Wall---The Mask----The Outer Shell


The hurt is too painful

If there is a wall you can't accept or give Empathy. There is no connection.

Breaking down the Wall

Results of breaking down an outer shell

My shell

Your shell





4 Qualities of people who have Empathy

  1. Perspective taking/steps into your shoes
  2. Non-judgemental
  3. Recognizing emotion in others
  4. Communicating to others that you recognize their emotions

Effect of Empathy

On a person

On a group of people

On the world


Wind in the Willow by Katiemac519