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April 26, 2023

Time Billionaires

The term "time billionaire" was coined by investor Graham Duncan and expanded upon by his former colleague, Sahil Bloom. Bloom was a major league baseball pitcher who went on to become a financially successful, but personally unfulfilled, investment fund manager. He made the radical decision in his 30's to quit his lucrative Wall Street position to focus more on the people he cares about. He calls it the best, though financially dumbest, decision he has ever made.

The point, as he writes in his blog, is that "time is our most precious asset. When you're young, you are literally a 'time billionaire'—rich with time. Too many people fail to realize the value of this asset until it is gone. Treat time as your ultimate currency—it’s all you have and you can never get it back."

It is not for me to say what anyone, other than myself, should do with their time. But I find the information above to be thought-provoking. In fact, the minute I finished reading about it, I did a google search for affordable, family-friendly Caribbean vacations. That led me to cruises, lake houses, beachfront condos and all kids of things I probably can't afford. I haven't booked it yet, and maybe I won't, but it got me thinking about how to spend whatever amount of future time I will be blessed with.

A billion seconds is about 31 years. Can you still call yourself a time billionaire? Whether your answer to that is yes or no, I hope you will consider joining me in thinking hard about how to spend our precious time. Our kids generally don't think much about time because they have so much of it left - they are "time multibillionaires."

I just wish somehow we could help them understand how important - and long lasting - it is that they treat others with kindness and respect. Toward better expressing what I mean, please consider taking some time to read the letter linked below. It is long, so I understand if you don't have the time. Maybe you can take it in segments.

I'm worried about our kids - and all kids. We can't give up trying to help.

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Mass. Aggression Reduction Center (MARC) Bullying/Cyberbullying Program

In our continuing effort to educate our students about the dangers of bullying, cyberbullying and all of their related elements, Dr. Meghan McCoy from MARC (Bridgewater State University) will be presenting to our students at the times listed below.

I have heard Dr. McCoy present, and she brings forth, in a very engaging way, many important points about behaviors in which our students engage daily - things such as the short and long-term effects of excessive screen time and careless use of social media.

April 27

Grade 6 - 8:45-9:45

Grade 7 - 9:50-10:50

May 8

Grade 8 - 8:45-9:45

Grade 8 Promotional Ceremonies

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State Screening for Substance Use Disorders - SBIRT (Please see below)

Afterschool Academic Support Program

We are pleased to once again be able to offer an afterschool Academic Support Program for students in need of more time and support in completing their school work. This program will run on Tuesdays and Thursday from 2:30-3:30 in the AMS Library Media Center, and will be staffed by two teachers each day.

Students can choose to attend or can be recommended by teachers and/or guidance staff. Families may also request that their child attend. If you wish to recommend your child, please email his/her guidance counselor. Please know that this is meant to be a serious working environment, so students will be expected to behave accordingly and make effective use of the time and resources.

Guidance contact information is below.

AMS Contact Information

The Tik Tok Challenge in 1979

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Upcoming Field Trips

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Other Upcoming Important Dates

May 2 and 3 - Science/Technology MCAS (Grade 8 Only)

May 4 - APS Jazz Night (and Art Show)

May 16 and 17 - Math MCAS

So Young, So Honest!

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Have a great week!