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iCreate ~ iCollaborate ~ iCommunicate ~ iProblem Solve

Collaboration, Coaching, and Team Teaching

I am so excited for the opportunity to work with grade levels and teachers to further develop lessons, projects, and units while integrating technology. I am excited to have the opportunity to plan, coach, and team teach with teachers. I would love to brainstorm with you and to come up with something new for a lesson or unit. I would also like to be involved with your class when you begin a research project. It is important for our students to learn research skills and I would love to do this with your class. This summer I took a grad class with many others from our district on Personalized Learning. Let me know if you have any ideas or questions about this too.

I want to get into as many different classrooms as I can throughout the year. Let me know when you are interested in working together!

My Schedule

I will be at Bay Harbor on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Once again this year I will be at Bay View on Wednesdays. My schedule will not change with Early Release “switch” days. This will allow me the opportunity to work with grade levels or teams during early release.

Library Collection and Development

Our book orders are compiled throughout the year by Michelle Wick. We welcome any suggestions you may have. There is a place on our Library website to recommend books. We will be using this to order books that the students and staff want. Please access the site at: http://bayharborlibrary.weebly.com/what-should-i-read.html


Students will be checking out materials during their weekly library visits. Once again this year each student will be provided with a plastic library bag. This is to help protect the books from water, snacks, wet winter clothing, etc. If students have any items overdue we are asking that they return those items before taking additional materials. If you would like your students to check out materials on a particular subject or in a certain genre please let us know.

If a student is sick or absent during library time, they may check out books on the day that they return to school. Please work with Paula or me to find a time that works for you and for us. We want to have books in the hands of our students.

If your students are in need of materials during the day please feel free to send them to the library.

Digital Citizenship

With the increased time that students are spending on-line, the importance of Digital Citizenship becomes more and more important for our students. This year I would like to team teach some age appropriate Digital Citizenship lessons with you. (Don’t worry, I’ll take the lead and prep all materials. :) ) It is most beneficial if we can integrate the lessons into your curriculum. Please let me know if you would like me to come in to team teach any digital citizenship lessons.

Tech Bytes

I will be holding monthly Tech Bytes. I do have some ideas for topics, but I would also like to hear from you if there are some things that you would like covered. This will be an informational time, but also a time to explore, brainstorm and share with one another. If you are unable to attend and are interested in the information shared, I will be posting the information in Schoology.

Back Pack Zac is Back

I am SUPER EXCITED that Zac is back!! He will be here Monday-Thursday mornings. Please remember to submit all SchoolDude requests.

Library Space

We have such a wonderful library and work space for students to work collaboratively on projects and research. We would love for classes and small groups to come in and use this wonderful space. Please contact Paula or me if you would like to use the library. Please use the on-line library schedule to see when the library is open.

If you have a few students that need a spot to work together, please feel free to send them to the library too. As long as one of us are in the library, we would love to have them. Please just send them down with a note from you.

Computer Lab

This year instead of setting up a "set" weekly computer lab schedule, I would like teachers to sign up for the lab as needed to fit into your curriculum. I am working on creating a digital calendar for lab sign up. I will share that with you soon. If you would like to use the lab in the meantime please just check with Paula or me to make sure it is available.


All teachers will have an EasyTech account this year. This is a fabulous resource to use when teaching 21st century skills. Third and fourth grade students will have individual accounts. Kindergarten, first and second grade teachers can utilize the materials on their SmartBoards. (If you are still reading this long post, please email me your name. The first 3 people to email me will get a special treat. :) ) More information and optional training sessions will be provided in October.

After Hours Checkout

If you need to check out materials when we are not here please sign out your materials using the after hours checkout list. The check out list is located on a clipboard next to the circulation computer. You may email the titles and barcodes or take a picture of this information and email it to Paula. If you would rather leave the pile of materials with a note attached, Paula will check them out for you as soon as possible as well.

Paula and I look forward to working with you again this school year!

Thanks for all you do for our students!!

Have a great year!

Kara and Paula