How to use a compass.

How to learn to use a compass

How to hold a compass right.

The first thing you need to do is if the compass has a string put it around your neck. The next step is you need to face the right direction for it to work. If you do ,not have a thing to show you to look then, you need to have a tip on your indicator. Tip Never Face It Upward. The last step is do not have metal near your compass. Tip have your composes flat like on your palm of your hand. A another thing to remember is Put red Fred in the shed. Meaning the red tip on the arrow and the little point you need to put the red arrow in the point. That is north and the arrow pointing to you is south. Witch way you turn is the way you are going. I hope this helped thanks for reading this to.

What not to compare a copass to.

A compass is not like a GPS. The compass dose not talk. It works like a map the only thing is you do not have a pitcher to look at. It dose show you North South East West.