Same Sex Schools

Is it better than coed schools?

Would you ever consider attending the same sex school?

Many people see pros and cons to attending the same sex school. I believe that there are many benefits in attending the same sex school.
Same Sex Education

Kids are more motivated

  • Many of the kids join spots
  • They stay in the spots because they have nothing interning with them
  • The kids focus on their grades more
  • Everyone has help if they need it
  • They also need good grades to stay in sports
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Kids have more friends and less drama

  • Kids will stay friends with other kids for along time
  • Kids have less drama
  • The kids aren't fighting over friends and boy/girlfriends
  • Kids will focus on being friends more


  • I believe that kids should attend the same sex school because they rend to have a better life with not having stress and so much drama.


The theory of going to a same sex school is more beneficial than public schools, not only because it takes away the everyday stress of the opposite sex, but it also provides long lasting friendships in people that are the same gender as you, making rivalries less likely to start due to a boyfriend or girlfriend.