Technology Integration Philosophy

By: Joseph Petrosi

My Philosophy

My reasons for wanting to teach, my motives, my philosophy all revolve around a solid core of feelings. I have a passion for science. Especially chemistry to be more exact, as I feel it is significant in life and I am committed to achieve in this area. But then why teach? I feel as if its what I am meant for. To educate my students, or at the very least enlighten them, to broaden their horizons, to allow them to not only progress in chemistry if they so choose, but anything in their lives. My philosophy then would be to maintain my cornerstone as my love for science, but strengthen my backbone in enriching, and to show them the path they most desire. My philosophy can be changed, plans can be adapted, but my desire to focus on chemistry education will always remain strong.

More recently in my time both in the classroom as a student and as a teacher, I have found that one of the most influential ways to lead students to achieve on a higher level is to incorporate technology into the lesson. This application must be done in two ways for it to allow the class to proceed smoothly, while at the same time enlightening the students to the material at hand. The two ways are by introducing instructional technology in a meaningful way through both teaching, and learning. Being able to show my students how amazing Chemistry, or science in general can be, is a joy, but it is a task not easily attemptable in today’s society without first engaging the students. And in a digital world, what better way to assist in showing students how amazing the subject is than with technology. But technology is not just an instrument for teaching; it is a tool to allow students to learn. Technology is constantly improving, and should be taken advantage of whenever possible. It allows students to broaden their knowledge base, and when done properly, it can teach students in a fun, free, and fast way.

Technology is an incredible resource, and one that I believe should be implemented whenever possible. It can allow students and teachers to reach higher standards, and better understanding of everything around them. To me, technology is critical in allowing students to explore their education, and achieve higher levels of understanding and appreciation for gathering more knowledge.