By: Maggie O'Neal & Kennedy Stallo

Satyr Origins

Satyrs were half human, half goat creatures, their lower half was typically goat and their upper half is human with the horns of a goat. They were said to resemble Pan who was the god of shepherds and flocks. They accompanied Dionysus and were often depicted drinking, dancing, or playing instruments.

Story of Pan

Pan was the most well known satyr that existed. One day Pan saw Syrinx (a nymph), and ran after her until they came upon a river where she turned into a reed like the others that lined the bank. Pan grabbed a handful of reeds in the hopes to find Syrinx and started tying them together and created what is now known as the "Pipes of Pan". Later in life, Pan competed with Apollo, the god of music, in a musical contest, for which the prize was awarded to Apollo. Although Apollo won, Midas told everyone that he thought Pan was a better musician , for which Apollo punished Midas by giving him donkey ears.

What are they known for?

Satyrs are known in mythology and have earned a reputation for being mischievous. People often depicted Satyrs in "Satyr-Plays." They are usually seen having fun or chasing nymphs. They're often seen partying and having a good time by playing instruments, drinking or dancing.