5th Grade News

October 2014

Important Dates


5th Hat Day

6th Super Hero Day

7th Peace-out Day (Wear items from any decade)

8th Be Royal (wear blue or you favorite Royals shirt)

9th Team Sports Day

16th (End of the First Quarter)

19th No School

23rd Haunted Horizon 6 PM

29th Halloween Party 3:00-3:30 PM

30th No School

Social Studies

Exploration and Conflict: 1000s-1600s

Essential questions the students will be able to answer at the end of the unit.

*What were the choices and consequences of exploration?

*What were the perceived rights of the explorers and how did they impact the rights of the American Indians?

* How did beliefs of American Indians contrast with those of Europeans?

* What changes to the people and land of North America were brought about by European contact?

* In what ways did early european settlements differ?

ELA Focus Standards

Informational Text

1. Analyze multiple accounts of the same event or topic, noting important similarities and differences in the point of view they represent

2. Draw on information from multiple print or digital sources, demonstrating the ability to locate and answer to a question quickly or to solve a problem efficiently.

3. Explain how an author uses reasons and evidence to support particular points in a text, identifying which reasons and evidence support which points


1. Determine the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in a text, including figurative language such as metaphors and similes.

2. Describe how a narrator's or speaker's point of view influences how events are described.

3. Compare and contrast the overall structure of events, ideas, concepts, or information in two or more texts.

Envision Topic 3 Multiplication

Multiplication Properties

Using Mental math to Multiply

Estimating Products


Distributive Property

Multiplying by 1-Digit Numbers

Multiplying by 2-Digit by 2-Digit Numbers

Multiplying Greater Numbers

Envision Topic 4 Division

Dividing Multiples of 10 and 100

Estimating Quotients

Connecting Models and Symbols

Dividing by 1-Digit Divisors

Zero in the Quotient