Star Wars Clone Wars Adventure

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Star Wars Clone Wars Adventures is a game where you can be what you want to be in the Star Wars galaxy. You can go to any planet, duel people, and play fun mini-games.

Signing Up. Signing up is free and easy to do. First go to the home page of the site and click sign up. You will get to choose what species you are, what you look like, and what your name is. Your will start off with a name that the game decides so that it can check if that name is okay for the game or if it is already taken.

Playing the Game. The game will help you understand how to play mini-games and use the shop. You will be told how to play the mini-games. You will want to be careful because some of the items cost money such as Station Cash and Jedi Membership.

Credits and Station Cash. Credits and Station Cash are used to buy things in the store such as weapons and outfits and houses and multiple other useful things. You can earn credits by playing mini-games, destroying enemies, and completing mission or collections. Station Cash cost money.

Collections. Collections come from blue glowing things that you find on the ground and pick up to get cool items. Sometimes you will find red ones that are holding better things.

Battle Class. Battle Class is used to rank up your health and get you cool armor and weapons that you fight for. There are four different types of Battle Class. You can get Battle Class from mini-games and destroying enemies.

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