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Professional Development Day -- May 27, 2016

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Overview of the Learning Intentions . . .

This is what you will find in this Smore.

1. Overview of District's Literacy Plan with Structured Independent Reading as the focus

2. AISD's New Curriculum Documents and Details/Training for Accessing Them

3. EOY SSiS completion (Classroom teachers only must complete this)

4. Required Training on Suicide Prevention and Mental Health

This short article "Teachers are Learning Designers" is to help set the stage for our learning.

New AISD Curriculum Guides Overview

Please check here and link on the video provided (10 min. 26 seconds):

Also take a quick look at the set up of the YPG (Yearly Planning Guide) and SPG (Student Performance Guide) for students. The samples provided are 8th grade, but they give you an idea for set up and overview.

Review, Reflect, and Respond

After taking a brief time to review the video overview of the curriculum documents and to review the sample YPG for 5th Grade English Language Arts, please respond to the following Padlet by completing three I sentences. (I Like, I Wonder, I (Will) Need)

Link Here:

Be Sure to Include Your Name on the Top of Your Response

Austin ISD Literacy Plan

The Literacy Plan Provides that the Three Main Literacy Strategies (Directly Above) are Included Throughout Literacy Lessons. Please review the link/material here to learn more about the plan.

Literacy Design Team/Strategies in Action

Click on the Link Provided and Review the Three Literacy Strategies. At the bottom of the page, choose a Content Area (sample) Lesson Using one or more of the strategies. Review and consider how you can incorporate more literacy strategies such as: Talk About It, Write To Learn, or Reading Actively in your grade level or content area.

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Structured Independent Reading

The literacy plan focuses on strengthening TIER one, (Core instruction) with support of RtI, 504 and Special Ed services.

Please read the following articles and take note on how this information can help you prepare to implement the district's initiative of structured independent reading next school year. This will be for all teachers including those that are not LA teachers.

Summer Book Dive

Let's Work Against the Summer Reading Slide. AISD has partnered with MyON for reading. Learn more, and then click on and share the linked parent flyers with your families. Login is free for AISD students, and the flyer provides easy info. regarding access. Watch the short video and review tabs on the right of the linked material to become familiar with this program to inform your students' parents. All classroom teachers should become familiar with and also send out the parent letter provided (electronically) on the site as well.

Click on this link and you will find a list of summer reading recommendations by grade level that you can share with your students' parents as well.

Suicide Prevention Required Training (1.5 hours)

The mental health and well-being of all of our students is of paramount importance. All campus staff (including Teaching Assistants) will be required to complete an online module for suicide prevention. This module is approximately 1.5 hours in length and is available through the HCP (see details below). Staff have time to complete this training on Friday, May 27th. All training must be completed by September 30th, but our campus deadline will be September 5th by midnight (Labor Day). We will not be providing additional time for this learning at the start of the year, as time is available on 5/27. If a staff member chooses to delay this training and complete it either over the summer or at another time outside of May 27th, that is fine. However, that staff member must confirm that he/she understands that this training is mandatory and must be completed by law. Below is a screenshot of the memo sent to principals last week regarding this training and the requirements. It provides details for how to access the module through HCP. Again, this module must be completed by September 5th for Clayton staff. I apologize, but with more than adequate time for completion, there can be no exceptions.
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End Of Year SSiS

Please complete your SSiS for every student in your class. You need to complete this assessment with the original form that we started with in October.

Directions for completing EOY SSiS

1) Rate students in all four domains using the same SSiS protocol

2) Use a different colored pen/marker than that used at BOY

3) Go into CST and enter SSiS EOY data into original RBP by adding EOY dates for all four domains for the student(s).

4) Turn in your completed original SSiS rating form to the office on Tuesday when you return indicating that all SSiS data were noted on the form and also entered into CST. We will keep all forms in the office in the front of each grade level's cum folders.

Reflection Form-May 27th, 2016 Staff Development

Now that you have completed reading, reflecting upon, and/or responding to each of the sections, you must complete the reflection form. You can get to the reflection form by logging into your AISD google account and clicking on the link below. Once you complete this form and submit it, I will not be looking for you on May 27th. Forms can be received by Monday May 30th.

Thank you for being outstanding educators and for allowing me to work alongside you and learn from you! Have a great weekend!