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School Reopening Update - July 29, 2020

Good morning -

As we shared in yesterday's email, our expectation was that the MOU would be out by now. While we continue this work, we wanted to share the different topics being negotiated:

  • Where NVEA unit members need to work from for Phase One Distance Learning (This has been announced that members can choose to work from home during Phase One)
  • Reopening safety plans
  • Working to insure the rights of members who need workplace accommodations based on medical circumstances
  • The structure of distance learning for the students whose parents choose not to send them for in-person learning
  • Instructional scheduling
  • Student social distancing during breaks and lunches
  • The policy for determining when to transition from one Phase to another
  • What evaluation will look like for the 2020-2021 school year
  • The process for covering the instructional needs of student when teachers are ill during distance learning (substitutes)

Childcare is something we don't negotiate but for which we advocate.

The MOU covers a variety of areas and is supported by a series of documents that lay out the details of individual sections. Again, we expected this process to be done already, with specific details out to members. However, additional work, such as negotiating a reversal of the district's initial policy requiring all teachers to work from school, have prolonged the process. Based on this afternoon's meeting the MOU and supporting documents should be published on Friday.

NVEA Leadership