Kerri Strug

The Magnificent 7

Kerri's biographical information

  • on November 19, 1977, a star was born
  • Kerri was born in in Tuscan Arizona, with an older sister, Lisa, and an older brother, Kevin
  • her mom Melanie, was a homemaker( takes care of the family and house) , and her dad Burt was a doctor
  • Kerri was very spoiled when growing up
  • married: Robert William Fischer III in April 2010
  • had one child named: Tyler William Fischer
  • Fully grown, Kerri is 4"10'

Kerri's coming of age

Kerri’s mom, Melanie, wanted Kerri to do ballet, so she set her up in a class. But Kerri wanted to follow her sister’s footstep, and wanted to do gymnastics. Kerri, then started gymnastics at age 4, and started training with the famous coach Bela Karolyi, who later retired. So then she started training with Jim Gualt, at the University of Arizona. When she was 12, she went back to train with coach Karolyi in Houston Texas, which was an expensive trip. "[Kerri's] quiet, driven, an overachiever." ( brother Burt Strug recalled in Sports Illustrated, pg. 2). In 1992 the amazing happened. She had made it onto the 1992 USA gymnastics team in the Olympics. She was the youngest member on the gymnastics team. She was always under shadowed by her other famous teammates, Shannon Miller, and Dominique Dawes. Kerri was called “Scary Kerri”, because her nervousness took over her preforming.Kerri got 2nd place in the Olympic trials, and scored a spot on the 1996 Atlanta, Georgia Olympic Games. US gymnastics decided to call themselves “the magnificent seven”.

Kerri finished 2nd on the 1st day of competitions. The US team had a lead for the final, but not much over the Russians. They had to do the balance beam event, the floor routine, and the uneven bars."I saw Dom fall the first time, and I thought I can't believe it." "Then she fell a second time, and it was like time stopped. The Russians, I knew, were on the floor [exercise], which can be a high-scoring event, and my heart was beating like crazy. I thought, 'This is it, Kerri. You've done this vault a thousand times.'" ( Kerri Strug, Sports Illustrated, pg. 2).They had needed at score of 9.6 or higher, to get the first gold in US gymnastics history, ever.. Kerri started her routine, but when she landed, she heard a crack. Her foot felt like it was about to fall off. But she knew she had to finish her 2nd vault. “It’s important to push yourself further than you think you can go each and every day — as that is what separates the good from the great.” (Strug). So in agony, she got up and finished her 2nd vault.Then she heard another crack, and fell to the floor. It turns out she had torn 2 ligaments. Her final score was 9.712 .Enough to earn gold. And it turns out, because of Kerri, US won gold, for the first time ever. Her teammates said they wouldn’t get their medals without her, so she went on the podium with them.


This shows that Kerri is very determined, and will never quit. She will fall down, and get back up again, like how she finished her second vault. She tries so hard to be better than everybody else, and never stops improving. She strives to be the best gymnast she could be, and doesn't let anybody push her down.From a very young age, since she was younger than 4, she had an goal, and she went for it. She still hasn't quit gymnastics. All in all, Kerri inpires many people, and is a great person to look up to.

What Kerri has done afterwards.

Kerri's gymnastic days were over, and she graduated high school with a 4.0 GPA. She accepted a scholarship to UCLA, and later transferred to Stanford University, and earned a master’s degree in sociology. Since then, she has published 2 books, and has guest starred, and has been on several shows. She has endorsed 2 charities: DARE, and Make-A-Wish Foundation. She has held several government jobs, and married Robert William Fischer III. She hasn’t completely given up gymnastics, she was an assistant coach for the UCLA gymnastics team, and has made her own line of gymnastics gear, too.

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