The hospital trip

by:Shaheem Glenn

The hospital

when I was in the second grade I got really sick and was in the hospital for two or three weeks because I had strep throat and it spread to my legs and I couldn't walk for a week. The only thing I could do was crawl the doctors said that I was lucky because the type of strep throat I had they said I might not have been able to walk as good as I used to


my teachers came to see me uncles, aunts, cousin, grandparents, and some of my best friends that I am still in touch with today and even players from the bobcats team came to the hospital to see sick kids like me and that was the first time I had met NBA players. I had some of the best food and got some of the best deserts

when I got home

When I got out of the hospital I went to the movies with my grandparents I don't remember what we saw but I do remember that when I went home with them to spend the night when I woke up in the morning I had a big breakfast I had sausage, eggs, bacon, grits and homemade French toast