Kirby Rooker

my personality

I am a Wolf!!

Athletic, good looking, and brimming with self confidence, does good as part of a team but will also take charge and be a leader.

Strengths to being a red!

Emotions: Life of the party, good sense of humor, enthusiastic and expressive, good on stage sincere at heart.

Work: Volunteers for jobs, thinks up new activity's, has energy and enthusiasm, inspires others to join, creative and colorful.

Friends: Makes friends easy, loves people, thrives on compliments, seems exciting, likes spontaneous activities.

My influence in this class

I am a good team player and problem solver, plus i always try to see the bright side of things, i like to be a leader and be a motivator to.

Careers and Hobbies

Law enforcement, soldier, medical fields, Team sports, outdoor activities.