The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

John Boyne

Main Conflict

In Auschwitz, Poland 1939-1945 Bruno and Shmuel are friends. Bruno is a German and his dad is a commandant but Shmuel is a Jew and is in the concentration camp.


9 year old Bruno who had lived in a beautiful house in Berlin his whole life just found out that he had to move away to a old house in the middle of nowhere. When Bruno got there he went into his new room and looked around he saw a window and looked out of it. He saw a bunch of people in striped pajamas on the other side of the fence.


Bruno decided to go exploring where he was not suppose to go. He was walking along the fence for a long time about a hour. He was about to go back when he saw something far away. He got closer and found out it was a little boy like him. They started talking and Bruno found out that his name was Shmuel and that they had the same birthday.Bruno was thinking of when he first heard about the move. He remembered that his father called him and his sister into his office and talked about the Fury-the guy his father worked for-coming over for dinner and he told them that they can greet him but they have to go straight up to their rooms after. After the Fury had left he over heard his parents talking about moving and how his mom didn't want to.


Bruno's parents decided that it would be best of Bruno, his sister, and his mother went back to there old house in Berlin. He mother came up with the idea because she no longer liked it there and didn't think it would be a good place to raise kids (because of the camp). Bruno didn't want to go back to Berlin because he would miss Shmuel, but they were gonna leave in a few days anyway. Bruno left at his usual time to go talk to Shmuel and tell him about him moving. Both the boys were very sad because they didn't think they would see each other again. Shmuel also had news, his father had gone missing. They started talking and decided that if they wanted to play together and find Shmuel's dad Bruno had to go over to the other side of the fence. They decided that they would meet at the same time the next day and Shmuel would bring an extra pair of striped pajamas so Bruno would blend in. Bruno put on the pajamas and crawled under the fence and Bruno and Shmuel went to go look for Shmuel's dad. After a while when they didn't find anything Bruno decided it was time to go home but as they were about to go back to the fence they were caught in a march. They ended up in a small dark room where they were never seen again. Bruno's family looked for him but could never find him. After a year one of the soldiers said they saw a pile of clothes by the fence and told Bruno's father. He finally knew what had happened to his son.