International Business Machines Corporation

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What is IBM ?

IBM name is International Business Machines Corporation.

IBM is an American multinational technology and consulting corporation.

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IBM and 7 Habits

1 Be Proactive

The Internet of Things /Information from the assets and control devices along with smart metering will help improving customer service and satisfaction, while enabling the smart home. These are planning of IBM.


1 habit by 이소연

2 Begin with the End in Mind

Use language that everyone in your company understands. (Replace older terms such as physical file, logical file, record, library with newer terms like table, view, row, schema) IBM defines practical outcomes.


2 habit by 이소연

3 Put First Things First

Among the changes made at IBM were decisions to refocus and expand higher value-add areas such as servers and mainframes. Important keys to the company's current revenue performance involve decisions made to add more software, consulting services and system integration activities.


3 habit by 이소연

4 Think Win/Win

IBM has a unique way of employee management. It was the first company to start group life insurance in the year 1934 along with survivor benefits in 1935 and paid vacations in 1937. And IBM has Health Services organization for employee. There are well-being programs that are proactive, relevant, and effective in managing the highly complex, diverse, and ever-changing health and safety needs of our employees around the world.


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5 Seek First to Understand, then to be Understand

Executive employee of IBM had big mistakes. So there was a loss of more than $ 10 million. Many employees wanted to fire him. Also, he had a sense of guilt. The president of IBM called him. The employee said he will leave company. But the president of IBM did not fire him and gave a chance again. The employee had changed much after failing to succeed. And it helped IBM to become the world's leading company.


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6 Synergize

Build out network of Trusted Advisors. So employee feels confident enough

to say “Yes, I can!” This is synergize and it makes better.


6 habit by 이소연

7 Sharpen the Saw

The IBM is trying to become a better company. Leading organizations turn employees into emergency responders. IBM transform infrastructure from barriers into enablers. They see business strategy as being flexible, not fixed. And they continually provide workers with the tools and runway they need to reimagine, reinvent, and innovate their way to success as scenarios change.


7 habit by 이소연