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How people became who they are.

The meaning of media and the merge of how its part of everyday live as a society.

Media has a range of what it could be. From such Social media sources such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are a main attraction to where a user could express their feelings and share with the world how they feel or where they’re at currently or past experiences at their own discretion. Snapchat another form a media is a more of entertainment social media to share fun times with friends. Another example is an athlete being recorded on live TV after a fantastic performance after that night’s game and radio while performing an interview. The Sunday paper is past time a few people still today enjoy reading. Media has become part of the lives of people of the 21st century and it looks like it’s here to stay.

To me, to be media literate means to know what media is and knowing how to use media at your own expense to perform certain task. Such bases as sending and receiving email. You also not just to get to see what you do with media but you also get to critique others work as well. The media could also be a burden to some people of the world for example celebrities, their lives being invaded by social media outlets everywhere. Paparazzi will post an embarrassing picture of a famous person in an instant. The company TMZ are infamous for being in the lives of celebrities. Knowing how to work and connect with people from whether it’s a family member in another state to connecting with a business in another country.