Welcome to France!

Made by: Madison Johnson

Why should you come?

You should definitely come and visit France, They have many places to see that could be someone's once in a lifetime opportunity. You can come to Disney Land, go visit the Eiffel Tower, and even visit Notre Dame. You can have some of the best foods you would probably have in your lifetime with some fancy hats. You can go watch the festivals and everything!
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Transportation for the Notre Dame is by train. Source: http://parisbytrain.com/tag/notre-dame/

Transportation for the Eiffel Tower is again by train. Source: http://parisbytrain.com/tag/Eiffel-Tower/

Transportation for Disney Land Paris is



Some food that they have in Paris is...

- Chocolate, there is not a shortage of great chocolate in Paris!

- Macarons, or in the US spelt like Macaroons

- Carmel, apparently there is no words to fit how amazing their carmel is.

Link : http://sharedappetite.com/eat/the-top-10-foods-you-have-to-eat-in-paris/

Festivals or events?

Festivals are a year round thing in Paris all around the city. Art in all forms and combinations invades the most unexpected places when summer arrives. http://en.parisinfo.com/what-to-do-in-paris/celebrations-and-festivals-in-paris