Pollution in Guatemala

Pollution in Guatemala and the efforts against it

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Contaminated Air in Guatemala

Pollution from factories and burning of fossil fuels create a contaminated environment. The air is so contaminated in some parts of Guatemala that people sometimes have to wear masks to keep out toxic substances in the air. Not only is this pollution bad for the environment, but it is also a major health concern for the inhabitants of the area. The pollution is largely due to industries that have placed factories in South and Central America.

The best to prevent poor air quality is to decrease the number of factories and the amount of production in the area. However, this is unrealistic because many companies depend on the production there. Instead, companies such as the IAMAT, which has a website regarding different health advice about different countries educate people about the problem. This company prevents further damage to the air quality by informing tourists about the importance of minimizing use of aerosol products such as hairspray and air freshener in order to reduce air pollution.

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Contaminated Water in Guatemala

Contaminated water is caused by both improper disposal of waste and acid rain. Clean water is vital to survival, and some of the villages in Guatemala do not have much access to filtered water. Many believe the best way to fix this problem is to stop the litter in the first place.

Efforts to reduce the air contamination include Pura Vida, which is an "alternative waste management company" (Pura Vida) that uses recycling as an art form. The company also has programs to educate people about the deleterious effects of improper trash disposal, and launches programs for young children to help clean up different areas. Many villages of indigenous Guatemalan people do not have official methods of disposal for their trash. Pura Vida provides such services for more remote areas in Guatemala.
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More About Guatemala's Pollution

Guatemala City is known to be the most polluted area in Guatemala. The waste there includes recycled U.S. school buses which serve as the basis of the public transportation network in Guatemala City. Diesel fumes form black clouds in the air and decrease the air quality significantly. A recent development in the transportation system will alleviate this issue by reducing travel by bus and upgrading technology to be more eco-friendly.

A company called Water and Sanitation Health, Inc. helps provide cleaner and safer water. It also runs a plantation that is completely natural so that it does not cause air pollution. This company addresses both the issue of contaminated air and polluted water, creating a more secure environment.

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