Stuff About Me

Get To Know Me Better

Learning Styles

I learn best when the teacher explains things well. And when they make learning fun.

Cultural Background

I have a lot in me. Some of them are Dutch, Irish, and English.


Bucket LIst

1. Go to Arizona

2. Buy a parrot

2. Graduate high school

3. Get a good paying job

4. Live in the country

5. Live in Arizona

6. Go to a concert

7. Ride on a plane

8. Ride on a train

9. Go fishing

10. Learn how to ice skate

A little more about me

I used to be very shy. I'm not really like that anymore. I went to pinewood middle school last year. I love cats, I have 4 at home. I've never had a dog, Witch i plan to get one sometime in the future. I've had a hard past at school but i think this year will be a bit better. Hopefully. Anyways... I also i loveeee chocolate!! :)