The Giver

Author: Lois Lowry ~ Flyer Created by: David Sosa

Book Summary

The Giver takes place in a far future were children are grouped in family units, and adults are assigned jobs. The community is controlled by a group of elders. Every year the children participate in a ceremony to move up a year. At the ceremony of 12, the children are assigned the jobs they will work as until there elderly. Jonas is about to turn 12 and is not sure what job the elders will assign him. When the ceremony of 12 begins, the elders call up each child by number order and assign them there job. Jonas's close friend Asher and Fiona receive there jobs before Jonas. Asher gets assigned Assistant director of recreation, and Fiona worked in the house of the old. When it was Jonas's turn, everyone was shocked that he was skipped. Jonas didn't know what he did wrong. After the chief elder assigned everyone there job, she went back to Jonas. The reason he was skipped was because he was assigned a job high in honor. He was assigned a receiver of memory. When Jonas went to his new job, he met the giver, or the previous receiver of memory. His job was now to give Jonas memory of before and train him to be the new Receiver of memory. Every day, he would go there and get a new memory from the past. He got memories like weather change, love, war, and pain. He also began to see different colors instead of black and white. In the community, they "release" elderly after becoming a certain age, they release babies that aren't healthy enough to be with a family unit, and release the lightest twin out of the pair. Jonas finds out that when a baby or an elderly person gets "released" they are actually killed. Jonas wants to make things back to normal were there actual feelings, different weather, and love. He and the giver make a plan to turn things back to how they used to be. Jonas escaped the community, with a baby, Gabriel, who was scheduled to be released. They went to pass the boundary to return all the memories back to the people, while the giver stayed in the community, to guide the people after they receive all the memories of love, and pain.
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Main character - Jonas

Jonas has just turned twelve and was chosen to be the receiver of memory. His job was to take in all the past memories. Taking in these memories was a bitter sweet thing. He got to see the fun things like snow and sleds, but also had to see the horrible things, like death. He also is exposed to different feelings, like joy, love, and sadness.
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Character - The Giver

The giver actual job was Receiver of Memory, but he changed his name to the Giver because he was giving the memories to Jonas. The Giver has been living alone isolated from the community for most of his life. He carries the memories of all of the worlds past, which makes him the wisest of all the elders. His job is to now train Jonas to be the new receiver, to give him all the memories of the past so he can have the same wisdom he had himself.
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Character - Chief Elder

The Chief Elder is the head lf the community. She is the one who assigns the children there jobs. She has the power to change everything, she has given people no choices, took away climate change, and took away feelings. The Chief Elders is Jonas and the Givers biggest enemy right now. She wants to stop Jonas from giving everyone the memories of the past.
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Character - Rosemary

Rosemary was the former Receiver of Memory, and The Givers daughter. She could not handle the pain and stress of the jobs so she asked for a release. When she got released all the memories she had, went to the community. The community was shocked because they hadn't ever been exposed to what she was shown. After that, they made a rule that the receiver of memory can't ask for a release. The community waited 10 years to choose another receiver of memory because of what happened.

"We gained control of many things, but we had to let go of others." ~ The Giver

Question 1

What happen to the last receiver?

Question 2

Why did Jonas tell Fiona to skip her morning injections?

Question 3

How did seeing the release of the twin affect Jonas?
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Overall rating

I liked the book, i like the concept of it. I was in to the book the whole time always wanting to read more. Although, I did not like how it ended. I give it a 3 1/2.